The Dixie Dove

March 3, 2015

Netanyahu Calls for Endless War

"The enemy of your enemy is your enemy."


  1. Name the times Israel has been the aggressor. Name them.

    If you want peace in the Middle East tell the Muslims to back off. It's mind boggling how Israel comes under constant attack and Muslims chant for the death of the Jews and Iran constantly states how it wants to obliterate Israel yet Israel gets the blame.

    Israel is not the aggressor.

    Wake the hell up.

    1. Israel was created by the world. As soon as it started their neighbors logically rebelled no excuse for Israel to take over and imprison. If we stay out of it israel falls. If they vote for Netyahoo...that's fine w me.

    2. "Israel was created by the world"

      So was Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Turkey. The Ottoman Empire sided with the losers in WWI. They lost and the empire was divided up. The fact that Muslims hate Jews is simple. The Koran tells them to. Jews have lived in the area for thousands of years. Judaism precedes Islam by thousands of years. Jews have every right to that tiny stretch of land.

      Incidentally, the original agreement that created Israel also created the state of Palestine. Muslims didn't care about "Palestinians", so they attacked Israel the very day it was created ... and several times after that. Each time they were defeated.

      I want you to understand what I just stated. The original agreement that created Israel also created the state of Palestine. Muslims rejected it. Understand that ... remember it.

      You know where the "refugee" problem came from? The refugees are the people that fled their homes when Muslim nations attacked Israel the day it was created. You might want to ask yourself why no Muslim nation has offered to accept these "refugees".

      Since then Muslims have used these so-called "refugees" as a ploy to attack Israel and garner sympathy (and billions of dollars) from the world.

      In reality, Muslims rejected the very state they say they want created. It was theirs for the taking and instead they decided to destroy the tiny nation of Israel because the Koran tells them to hate and kill Jews.

      When Muslims see the United States withdrawing support for Israel there will be war. The handwriting is on the wall. It's democrat hatred of God and Israel that will bring it, not our support for Israel.

      A good primer on the conflict is here:

      It's written by David Horowitz. Hororwitz is a former communist and was in with Huey Newton of Black Panther fame. Both his parents were hardcore communists.

      I simply ask you to read. You don't have to agree or accept. Just read something besides leftist propaganda.