The Dixie Dove

March 2, 2015


Iran is the most peaceful and stable nation in the Middle East and potentially our best ally in the fight against extremists.

In Iran, Christians and Jews are treated far better than are Muslims and Palestinians in Israel.

Iran is obeying IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency on pursuit of nuclear power while Israel refuses IAEA inspections.

Iran is positioned to be a world leader in the fight against terrorism while Israel continues to fan the flames of hate with their 'prison camp' occupation of Palestinian land.


  1. What drugs are you taking?

    Iran funds Hezbollah and Hamas. Iran hangs gays and beats and kills protesters against the regime. Iran has stated on numerous occasions they want to annihilate Israel. Iran was working with Osama bin Laden.

    In addition, Muslims have more rights and freedoms in Israel than anywhere else in the Middle East.

    Remember the American hostages under Carter?

    Just what the hell are you talking about?

    I just can't figure you out. Some days you come across as a rabid Marxist other days a rabid Muslim, Armageddon supporter. You're never a supporter for freedom and liberty. Never.

  2. Iran is Shiite, the opposite of the Saudi Sunni who supported Bin Laden. No one in government on either side disagrees with that.

    1. The Saudis didn't support bin Laden. The Saudis were doing quite well exporting Wahhabism into the west, specifically the US. bin Laden came from a wealthy family and had his own money.

      They were furious at bin Laden because now people in the west are looking at Islam with a wary eye. He woke the west up. The Saudis don't mind quietly spreading Islam, but they also don't like anyone interfering in their sale of oil. Loss of oil revenue means loss of money and ultimately loss of power.

      Iran's regime is run by people who believe the Twelfth Imam will not return until Armageddon begins and the Jews are exterminated. This is why they want nuclear weapons and why they hate the Sunni's. They will work with anyone who helps them towards that end including terrorists like bin Laden.

      I gave you a link in a previous thread about Iran's links to bin Laden. Obviously you ignored it.

      Bottom line: Iran is controlled by fanatical Muslims who WILL attack Israel and other Muslim countries to bring about the end times. Iran is a brutal police state that silences opposition and funds terrorism throughout the world.

      Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East and it's citizens enjoy freedoms not found in any Muslim country.

      Please stop reading propaganda.

    2. Let me add ... what used to hold these nuts back in the past was knowing that the United States would use it's military force if it's allies we're attacked. Obama has let it be known that Israel is on it's own. In fact, all our traditional allies know they're on their own.

      That's what has emboldened Putin, the ayatollahs of Iran, Islamists and North Korea. Before Obama they knew with certainty that an attack on an US ally was an attack on the US. Now they know they can proceed with impunity.

      Putin and Iran have been the most aggressive since Obama has let it be known he won't stop them.