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September 3, 2013

Limbaugh-'Obama Gassed Syrians'


For the past half hour on his radio show Limbaugh has been making the case that it was the Obama administration (working with the Syrian Rebels) who used poison gas to kill innocent anti-Assad Syrians, all for the purpose of creating a justification for the US to attack Assad, weakening him and giving the rebels victory in the civil war there.

I KID YOU F' ING NOT! Limbaugh said that his friends who do business with Syria SUPPORT ASSAD!

Limbaugh-this evil monstrous self worshiping fascist has finally gone too far. I predict that this will lose him most of even the far-right support he still has.


  1. You're a nut. Plus, calling Limbaugh a "fascist" is hilarious. Your party is infested with fascists.

    Do you have any idea what a fascist is? Hint: it has nothing to do with the right.

    Mussolini was a socialist.

    1. No. Sigh. He was a slavering sycophant of the uber rich (don't know it in Italian) and provided NOTHING to working people whom he made slaves. FASCISM is the use of state power to enlist private property for the enrichment of the owners while serving the state, and squashing working people like bugs. Give it up. Limbaugh embraces the rule of the rich over all of us, and that includes YOU.

    2. Sigh ... only government can fine you. Only government can jail you. Only government can take your property. Only government can force you to buy something you don't want. Only government can take your money.

      By the way ... money IS private property. It doesn't belong to the state. You people keep blaming the "evil rich" when the entire time it's government that's destroying this country.

      Time was when successful people were admired and people worked hard to gain their own success. Today people aspire to be government dependents, attack the successful and beg the government to take their private property and give it to them.

      Thanks democrats.

  2. The government being run by a corporation like Haliburton with their president as the US VP Cheney is a perfect example of fascism! There are also 'anonymous' fascists.

  3. Don't worry, his "predictions" never amount to anything.

  4. So when Halliburton received no bid contracts from the Clinton administration for Bosnia and Kosovo were they running a "fascist government"? Do you even know what Halliburton does or is Halliburton some kind of sacred tenet of the left? It's much cheaper and efficient to use Halliburton for many things than military personnel.

    No, fascism is merely another name for Mussolini's brand of utopia. He disagreed with some aspects of socialism in as much as he felt people were inherently inferior and needed to be led by elites. In reality, that's not any different from socialism ... which uses the power of the state to control the masses to it's liking.

    That's no different than today ... where we have politicians who think we're stupid, can't take care of ourselves and must be led by a massive central government that never stops growing and never stops taking more and more of our money. Collapse always follows. It's simply unsustainable.

    As with communism, socialism, progressivism and liberalism ... fascism is anti-liberty and anti-individualist.

  5. Iraq was a war implemented for and by Haliburton. Ever notice that both vp's on the ticket in 2000 were the biggest pro-war hawks on the Middle East...Cheney and Lieberman. America was bought off in 2000.

    1. Oh ... it was a war for Halliburton? I thought the standard line was it was a war for oil.

      So were Bosnia and Kosovo implemented for Halliburton as well?

      I wonder ... is "global warming" being implemented for GE? GE really pushes that green crap, and so does Obama. They make all sorts of expensive crap that the government shoves down our throats ... line wind turbines that slaughter birds by the hundreds of thousands. You should check out the cozy relationship between Obama and Immelt. Oh never mind. I know you won't. Must adhere to the liberal propaganda!

      Speaking of "pro-war" ... is Obama ever going to stop bombing people? Now Syria. You know, it's funny how the anti-war protestors disappeared after Obama was elected. It seems liberals think the use of military force is cool because well ... Obama!

  6. Why not provide all of the facts? Rush was simply stating what another web site (in Canada) has published:


    And...he couldn't stop referring to his buddy BASHIR by his first name....Limbaugh sold his soul to the fascist Syrian regime today.

    Republican leadership will back me in showing Limbaugh the door!

    1. Limbaugh said that 'his friends' who do business with Syria support Assad.

    2. I don't know how much you understand about what's happening in the Middle East. The uprisings in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria were all organized and started by Muslim radicals ... chiefly the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda. The Obama administration supported them. In fact, when the Egyptian people wanted the Muslim Brotherhood thrown out of office the Egyptian military supported the people. In response, the Obama administration threatened to stop aid to the military.

      Gaddafi, Mubarak and Assad all have on thing in common ... they didn't tolerate the Muslim Brotherhood. The Obama administration does. They support them.

      What you have in the Middle East is the choice of the lesser of two evils. The lesser evil was Mubarak, Gaddafi and is Assad. Unfortunately Obama supports the greater evil. If Assad is removed Islamic radicals will control Syria and their weapons ... including chemical weapons.

  8. It is that tough. This possible action is against CW.

  9. Buddy, I don't think you understand. If Assad is overthrown his military assets fall into the hands of al Qaeda ... including tons of chemical weapons.

    The Obama administration tacitly supports radical Islamists.