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April 22, 2017

Give Olbermann O'Reilly's Spot on Fox!

 Fox would be smart to add Olbermann. A tip of the hat to Liberals and a punching bag for the Right.

April 6, 2017


CNN IS SHOWING WAR PORN-CNN is showing an endless reel of missiles taking off of ships in a ball of fire! No blood, just MISSILES LAUNCHING!

Trump Supported Assad Chemical Attacks As A Candidate

Assad has been killing innocent Syrians, using conventional and Chemical Weapons for years now.

President Obama has been leading an effort to oust Assad for years, until he left his office to 'President' Trump.

During the entire 2016 campaign Trump slammed Obama for going after Assad, claiming, essentially that 'It's an ugly world and in the volatile Middle East Assad represents stability and we should leave him alone' and BTW Trump said Assad (and his pal Putin) were better leaders than President Obama. Trump used this 'philosophy' to hammer candidate Hillary Clinton for her support of Obama policies.

Horrific as the latest news from Syria is, sadly, it was like that during the 2016 campaign too.

BUT! Now 'President' Trump is in deep shit at home because he has failed at every legislative initiative he has supported and he is closer to being impeached for Treason over the Russia scandal than he is to building a Wall or ending Obama-Care.

SO? He reverses himself on the Assad/Syria issue and uses the latest (all too common) tragedy in the Syrian civil war as an excuse to start dropping bombs-and (true to form) the ratings starved cable news outlets (CNN especially) JUMP on the WAR STORY and forget the rest of Trump's past statements.

When CNN calls the White House now, they don't ask about Trump's past statements on Syria, or Treason and Russia, they ask for camera footage from our Cruise Missiles attacking.

CNN IS SHOWING WAR PORN While other networks (including Fox) are showing war victims and analysis CNN is showing an endless reel of missiles taking off of ships in a ball of fire! It's like coverage of the 4th of July. No blood, no pain, just MISSILES LAUNCHING!

Tomorrow Trump is Spanked by China

China's president will 'visit' President Trump at his Mar a Lago estate in the morning and China's president will tell Mr. Trump that if he attacks North Korea then the USA is in DEEP SHIT.

March 30, 2017

March 24, 2017


President Obama passed the ACA with zero Republican votes and with a far slimmer majority in Congress than Trump has. Yet Trump blames his loss on a 'lack of Democratic support in congress'.

SERIOUSLY-He said that.

Then Trump goes on to say that Obamacare will 'explode' whatever the hell that means, surely he meant 'implode' but, he's too stupid to articulate his own thoughts in the English language. Then 'president' Trump goes on to say that eventually Democrats will join with him and the Republicans to repeal and replace Obamacare...?

Really!? There were more than 30 Republican House members who refused to support Trump's Bill and Trump stopped the House of Representatives from even voting on it because the Republicans who were going to vote for the bill feared a vote FOR 'Trumpcare' would seal their doom in the 2018 elections!

I wonder which 30-40 Democratic House members Trump thinks he can work better with than Republicans?


March 21, 2017

March 18, 2017

I Chuck Berry-From Heaven

Ladies and gentlemen

February 16, 2017

February 10, 2017

Trump was a waay better campaigner than Hillary

Evil as he is, Trump was a waay better campaigner than Hillary. But, even though he convinced people that his bad ideas would work, nobody can actually make bad ideas work. He's going down! He's not building a wall as fast as he is digging a hole. In the end, Trump will wish he'd never run.

February 9, 2017

Trump Travel Ban Shot Down!

Hells yeah! And it's a unanimous vote, even the Republican judge slapped TrumpSkunk down!

Impeachment trial will go the same way!

Trump today, on military procurement...

'I was talking to my pilot, he's a smart guy, he said they're using the wrong equipment, so we gotta look into that.' Research?! He thinks he knows everything because he surrounds himself with lackeys.

You may convince the public that a bad idea will work, but you can never make a bad idea work in reality.

January 30, 2017

Trump is Caesar the GOP are Brutus, "Et tu, Brute?"

I think that there is a reason that the GOP will dump Trump and that is that they have used him all along. For whatever hateful racist reason, Trump became popular. The GOP bought into Trump for the power they sought and now they have the power. The GOP controls both sides of the US Congress and the White House. Trump is the president, but he doesn't really own the office. The GOP congress does. And if they would rather have a president named Pence in the White House, then Trump has given them plenty of ammunition to accomplish that mission. Trump is Caesar the GOP are Brutus, "Et tu Brut?"

FaceBook Jail

I threatened President Excrement on FaceBook (4 days ago) and FB "Blocked" me for 4 days They blocked me from Posting, or "Liking" a post or even sending a Private Message on FB to any of my FB "Friends". That's how they operate. If they deem a comment or post 'out of line' then, the next time you 'engage' with FB, a big BLOCKED message jumps onto your screen and you think you just got a VIRUS. The SCREEN tells you how long you are blocked for and it shows you a clock with the countdown time to when you are released from FB Jail! This is true, I am not at all joking or exaggerating. The 'virus screen' also shows you the specific comment which Facebook deems 'punishable'. My comment was something about 'chewing off Trumps face', clever huh ;).
But the real shit is that FB thinks it's ok to not even allow us to tell a friend, in a 'PRIVATE MESSAGE' that we are fine and we are simply blocked from FaceBook. ALL of my FB 'Friends' should have gotten the EXACT SAME MESSAGE I got during my 'block' when they posted on my page.......
-'Chip Shirley's Page is Blocked Due to a Post That Violates FaceBook Policy'- I had many people ask about my well being when I was 'Disappeared' from FaceBook. The truth is I agree with the reason I was blocked. I have apologized for that post and I don't want to see tha level of baseness allowed on FaceBook. But the way they handled it is a crock of shit.

January 26, 2017

I Challenge Donald Trump to a Duel

Trump can have all the weapons he wants. I will have none, no weapons.
We should stand 12 feet apart.

I will walk away with a smile and he will lie dead and bleeding.

I Challenge Trump to a Duel. I, no weapons, He all he wants and I will make him Die.

Good Morning-Trump is being Impeached!

January 24, 2017

January 22, 2017

Donald Trump Kicks ASS!

Whose ass? When, where, how, we haven't a clue.

But Trump will kick ass, even if it's our's and his own he kicks.

January 20, 2017

Talk and Consequences

Trump talks a great game, it is HUGE, but it is all talk up to this point in time.

Now there is no more room for 'talk' without 'consequences'. Donald J Trump will now be legally obligated to be fully accountable for his performance in his new job as president of this country. This will be the worst night's sleep Trump ever had. If he follows his protectionist rhetoric on trade, the markets will crash.

Goodbye President Obama, We Love You!

You're the best president ever in the history of the entire world and if all people were as good as you and your family we would have heaven on earth!

January 19, 2017

Trump Gets Nuclear Football Tonight

Donald Trump will receive the codes to launch nuclear missiles tonight, feel safer America?

Trump New Product Butt Spray

When Your Butt Stinks, You Need Butt Spray

Will President Obama Push Buttons 'till midnight?


January 18, 2017