Says it all...

Says it all...
The Dixie Dove

January 18, 2017

Does Putin Have Picture of Trump's 'Pootitain'?

Big question

Pictures of Donald Trump's Penis

January 17, 2017

January 16, 2017

Trump was born in Hell, put in his mother's womb by Satan. Not a US Citizen.

January 15, 2017


One bright morning when I was a 12 year old boy living in Sandy Springs GA, my mother June announced to my younger brother and sister and me that we weren't going to school that day. She told us to dress nice and get in the car. We only found out as we were leaving the house that we were going to march in Martin Luther King's funeral procession.
It was a short quiet drive. I don't care for crowds and I was worried that this was going to be a long hard sermon to listen to, but I knew we were doing the right thing. We had mostly grown up in the poorer parts of various southern towns and we were used to both colors of people sharing the streets, but this was an amazing feeling to be the only people of one color we saw in such a large crowd. I wasn't surprised at how warm and comfortable it felt. And I realized immediately what a good idea Momma had to come there.
The entire walk and service seem like a beautiful, if melancholy dream. Never had we felt such an outpouring of peace and goodwill through such sadness. All of us have shared our memories over the years, many times. The whole event passed like a song, but midway through my younger brother, only 8, began fidgeting, being so short he was staring at people's stomachs and bored. Then slowly and quietly, without a word, a tall strong man standing behind Steve reached down and picked him up over his head and gently placed him on his shoulders so he could see. Steve was quietly mesmerized and still says it was the most amazing experience he ever had to be lifted up over the crowd and to watch the whole panorama from his private box.
It was a small piece of heaven on earth that the reverend brought to all of us there that day. My mother and sister and brother and I all agree that was all of our proudest day. Not for anything we've done to help with King's cause, but what we did for ourselves by being there. It changed us. It was a religious experience.
When I see pictures of the good doctor and his statue on the mall, he is very real to me. He is still alive, I'm sure of it.
And I wouldn't be at all surprised if he came back one bright morning.

Does the Election of Donald Trump mean that God is Dead?

January 11, 2017

Golden Shower Hackers Trump

Russia and Vlad-P have now formally made fools of the USA's Electoral System. By monopolizing Public Relations (through spying) Russia has 1st, elected Donald J Trump and now are playing him and the US electorate over his moral compromises.

And he fell into it

January 8, 2017

Trump's Hubris Will Get Him Arrested

Did you know that a President of the USA can get arrested? Yes it's true.

It is far simpler to arrest a president than to impeach them, formally speaking.

For impeachment on malfeasance in office the congress is required, for impeachment, but, if the President of the USA punches a guy in the face, on camera, he can be arrested, on site, by one policeman. What would follow would be a constitutional catastrophe, but still, Donald Trump could be arrested and charged if he engages in financial fraud. Fact. And I don't think his hubris will allow him to avoid it if he hasn't already committed it.

Likewise, if the CIA or FBI were to find collusion between Trump and Russia on illegal internet hacking for any reason, election influence aside, he could be charged with that crime, just like any citizen.

This is how Nixon was impeached. Despite selfish partisanship, Democrats are on the same side as Republicans as they get paid on the federal tax roll. They don't go around impeaching each other out of office, but with Nixon they did. And the reason Nixon was impeached is that Law authorities told congress that they were going to charge him with basic crimes, like burglary. Hacking is the same as Burglary.

January 5, 2017

January 2, 2017

Let us all support our incoming President Trump

At least for a day . . .

December 30, 2016

Ask Trump to Veto Dog Genitalia Law!

Hidden in the 'Lame Duck' session of congress for 2016 is a bill with bi-partisan support to ban the public display of Dog Genitalia, nationwide. This law which has the support of Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell, as well as Nancy Pelosi would require all male dogs to wear diapers and or shorts when amongst the general public. This nightmare could be real except for one thing!

Because of the scheduling of congress and the docket, this Bill will be passed just as President Trump is inaugurated on Friday January 20th 2017! So he will be the president to sign or veto this evil law BUT, here's the kicker, because of an expected large vote for the Bill, President Trump must address this Bill within 48 hours of being sworn in to the presidency!

Please join with me in tweeting to Trump to focus on this important issue!
Before it's too late. . .

I think I'll start giving "Duck and Cover" lessons! Good money I hear!

I think I'll start giving "Duck and Cover" lessons! Good money I hear!

The working class in the USA has been abandoned by Republicans and most Democrats...

The working class in the USA has been abandoned by Republicans and most Democrats, not by president Obama, but yes by president Bill Clinton (D-Senators Harkin and Sanders agree). Hillary's ties to Bill were a big negative. And too, the exit polls for 2016 and 2012 don't show a more racially polarized electorate for our recent election. Trump got more of the Hispanic vote and the African-American vote than Romney did in the last election.
In 2012 Obama got 39% of the White vote.
In 2016 Hillary got 37% of the White vote.
In 2012 Romney got 27% of the Hispanic vote.
In 2016 Trump got 29% of the Hispanic vote.
In 2012 Obama got 93% of the African-American vote and Romney got 6%.
In 2016 Hillary got 88% of the African-American vote and Trump got 8%.

December 29, 2016

To All Non-Hillary Voters!

Thanks for the end of the world assholes!

The Reason so Many Greats Died in 2016

These artists are all more brilliant and smart than the rest of us and they died this year because they all sensed the oncoming fascism from Trump.

December 21, 2016

Day One, at the Inaugural Presentation, Trump grabs President Obama's Balls! And they have a slap fight. Hells yeah America!

Day One, at the Inaugural Presentation, Trump grabs President Obama's Balls!
And they have a slap fight. Hells yeah America!