Says it all...

Says it all...
The Dixie Dove

August 25, 2016

Trump's Ultimate Fail-No Minnesota Ballot




Donald Trump Custer

I say it all on him... Trump sells out everybody he puts his hands on.

August 24, 2016

In Trinidad Colorado Everyone's High Right Now

Click on my Trump ads to soak his evil ASS!

The bastard buys space on my site! BULLSHIT>

August 23, 2016

Ryan Lochte, Lance Armstrong and Michael Phelps Chillin

SETTING-Ryan Lochte's Living Room-

Ryan- It's a bunch of shit man everybody does it they hittin me cause I'm pretty, THAT"S IT. I'm pretty and they are taking me down to pretty up their ratings. Fuck them and so thanks for letting me vent....Lance man...

Armstrong- You know I agree dude that's why I'm here in your castle...still got that baby!


Michael Phelps-DUDES! MY DOGS! See this sweet giant bong? This is what I was hitting back in the day when I went big at first! I came back you can too, I mean you Ryan, Lance... go MMA!....

Inline image 1

August 22, 2016


Can You Even Believe It's True!?

Flip-Flop Donald and the Mexican Mafia

Donald Trump has hired the Mexican Mafia to intimidate Hispanic people from protesting his candidacy. Word has it that the Mexican Mafia is also now handling Trump's outreach to Hispanics.

A source from within the Trump campaign has reported that the Mafia has told Mr. Trump to 'cool it' on the deportation talk while they, the MexMafia 'takeout' some key members of anti-Trump Hispanic organizations.

New Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has said that, while it is correct that Trump has developed ties with the Mexican Mafia for voter outreach he is not 'paying them to kill anybody'.

August 21, 2016

Vote Trump to the Dump!

We should stand up and say this, now.

August 19, 2016

Trump Dumps Russian Spy Manafort

According to sources close to the Trump campaign the Donald is furious with and frightened of Paul Manafort, but not for the obvious reason. Trump knew Manafort was close to Vladimir Putin, but when he found out Manafort was paid 12 million dollars as a Russian spy sent to alter the American election, sources say, Trump was hurt. However, a long conversation between Trump, Putin and Manafort eased Trump's mind as Putin convinced him that Russia was trying to help him get elected. Putin reportedly told Trump that he was "scared shitless"of Hillary Clinton.
 Ivanka Trump and Melania Trump have sex with Putin.
As it turns out Manafort and Putin wanted more from Trump than just to see him win the election, Putin wanted Trump's daughter Ivanka to be his mistress! Apparently Putin got his wish by luring Ivanka to Croatia to visit Putin's current girlfriend, Wendi Deng Murdoch, ex-wife of Fox News president Rupert Murdoch.

When Trump learned that Manafort had arranged for his daughter Ivanka to have a 'menage a trois' in Croatia with Putin and Deng Murdoch, he, Trump reportedly told Manafort "You're Fired".

More on this story...
BREAKING NEWS: Paul Manafort says he is "not a spy and Trump has a thousand dollars an hour Cocaine Habit".

August 17, 2016

Springsteen's "The Rising" Copyright Infringement on Steve Miller's "Jet Airliner"?

There have been a few lawsuits for copyright infringement of songs in recent years, perhaps most notably the Tom Petty-Sam Smith situation where Smith used a segment of Petty's "I Won't Back Down" in his own hit "Stay With Me".

On this subject, I have thought (since it's release over a decade ago) that Bruce Springsteen's "The Rising" took its chorus from Steve Miller's "Jet Airliner".

Miller's and Springsteen's songs, here, are both about a rather melancholy, but hopeful trip across the USA, one on a jet plane, the other in a car. Steve Miller's song has a few nice hooks culminating in the chorus...
Big ol' jet airliner
Don't carry me too far away
Oh, oh big ol' jet airliner 

'Cause it's here that I've got to stay

Springsteen's song "The Rising" has just one real 'hook' which is the chorus...

Come on up for the rising
Come on up, lay your hands in mine
Come on up for the rising
Come on up for the rising tonight 

So, I ask the reader to compare the melodies in these two song choruses. To me they are virtually identical.
Here are links to the two songs in question-
Jet Airliner- Steve Miller

The Rising- Bruce Springsteen

August 14, 2016

Trump explains his products being made overseas by saying he will 'change the rules' but what about his bankruptcies? No rules change there.

Trump explains his products being made overseas by saying he will 'change the rules' but what about his bankruptcies?
No rules change there.

Trump does America A Favor

Donald Trump's entire campaign has been based on the ideas espoused for 20 years by conservative talk radio hosts like, Limbaugh, Hannity, etcetera.

This election will finally put to the test the falsehoods and ignorance of these far right radio hosts.

Thank you Donald Trump.

August 8, 2016

Georgia Polls For Hillary!

Three days after the AJC’s poll showed Hillary Clinton with a slim lead over Donald Trump in Georgia, a new statewide survey has the Democratic nominee with an even larger cushion in the Peach State.
Conducted over the weekend, the JMC Analytics poll has Clinton 7 percentage points ahead of Trump, 44 percent to 37 percent, outside of the 4-point margin of error.
Libertarian and Green Party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein respectively registered 7 percent and 1 percent support, while 10 percent of the 615 respondents said they were undecided.
The poll gives Clinton her strongest lead yet in a statewide poll in Georgia since early April, according to the elections blog FiveThirtyEight, which currently gives Clinton a 51.4 percent chance of winning Georgia’s 16 electoral votes in November.

August 5, 2016

Trump is formally over as of now.

No one who watches his entire speech from tonight will vote for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump's Speech Tonight was Epically Insane More lines than Hillary can crack on!

Trump on Protecting Japan-We're very far away

Trump Explains the Art of the Con with Iran

In his live speech this evening in Wisconsin Donald Trump said these words, to paraphrase
-We should have sent the plane over to get the hostages and then told the Iranians "We Don't Have The Money" then they would have given us the hostages and called us back tomorrow-

He literally said this!


Live, just now speaking LIVE and reading most of his speech from a piece of paper, defends asking supporter to remove her baby from previous event because 'It was the LOUDEST voter ever!"

And he endorsed Ryan and McCain.