Everything we do affects us all

June 15, 2019

Since long before Technology we have only needed Peace to prosper, we still have no peace

June 13, 2019


The USA Israel and Saudi Arabia are conspiring to start a war on Iran for oil and to please Christian and Jewish fundamentalists who think the move is necessary to bring on each of their Messiahs according to their 'Magic God Books' the Bible and the Torah. EXACTLY LIKE THE IRAQ WAR!

June 12, 2019

Prisonident Trump

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June 8, 2019

There was NO 'DEAL' to stop Tariffs. McConnell simply told Trump that he was going to OVERTURN any tariffs on Mexico.

McConnell took tariffs off of the Immigration Table. Permanently. 'Tariff Man' is 'Nowhere Man'.

June 6, 2019

D-Day thought- Let us remember that WAR is HELL on EARTH Army ads make it look fun

D-Day thought- Let us remember that WAR is HELL on EARTH Army ads make it look fun

June 2, 2019

Rich Pay Your Share

The most wealthy people on the face of the earth must pay their fair share of the riches of the earth for there to be peace on earth. No human should starve while others wallow in pleasure.

May 15, 2019

War, but no Progress

As I watch a jet trace a line across the evening sky, I think "That is a plane full of super heroes achieving one of the many miracles we are capable of." One of many and varied miracles we could accomplish for everyone here on earth if we could only stop fighting over the simplest of things "Whose land is this? Is it mine or yours?" The same simple question we have dealt with since the dawn of time.

Every Liberal who was too good to vote for Hillary should be Aborted from public discourse

Trump is a monster created by Bill Clinton

Trump is a monster created by Bill Clinton when he sold out the American Union Worker, the backbone of the Democratic party. In the D-primary debates before the 1992 election, Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa said (in the NH debate on WMUR) in essence, 'I will not sell out American workers and destroy our manufacturing base by allowing unfettered manufacturing in China with no human rights or environmental standards, reinventing slavery.' But Clinton was lying. He signed trade legislation that no other Democratic president would have signed. There was nothing wrong with NAFTA. Keeping jobs in our hemisphere and on our continent is a good idea and if US manufacturing had simply gone south of the border the money from wages and profits would have stayed in 'America' and would have eased our current immigration problems drastically. But the 'giant sucking sound' Perot warned of came from China, GATT and the WTO.
Now the fascist fake-populist Trump is using an issue that should belong to the Democrats to gain power. But Trump has no interest in helping the US worker or to address the tragedy of Chinese manufacturing with no human rights standards or environmental standards. His solution is simply to try to get a piece of the action from the profits of slave labor. He will use the money, not to bolster US manufacturing, but to fight religious wars in the Middle East.

May 9, 2019

Bolton Told Trump Iran Has Nukes

In his preemptive declaration of war on Iran the US president  said,
"We have information that you don't want to know about," and "We don't want them to have nuclear weapons — not much to ask."

This is 'Mafia Don'-speak for saying, in essence, 

'John Bolton, who talked George W Bush into war on Iraq has convinced me that it was actually Iran who has the nuclear weapons and we must declare war on Iran now'.


May 7, 2019

April 20, 2019

What went wrong USA?

The Republican led congress and president Clinton gave China carte blanche  to take America's entire manufacturing industry by creating goods under zero human rights and environmental standards, therefore drastically under-pricing US competitors. 
American workers saw their salaries slashed down to 1/4th what they had been and in exchange for that they save a few hundred dollars a year on goods they buy at Walmart.
We need higher taxes on the rich to subsidize US manufacturing as a national security issue. We can't afford the risk of being so dependent on manufacturing in China that is causing global warming and strengthening a non-democratic state.

April 16, 2019

The Voiceless Carriage

So many votes for losing candidates mean nothing because of our 'Winner take all' system. If every party or candidate 'owned' the percent of the vote they earned in the election and then could bargain for alliances with other parties we would have better results.

We need an American Parliamentary system.

April 14, 2019

April 10, 2019

The 'Border Crisis' was created by President Donald Trump-

For 240 years the USA has had a loose, natural and functional immigration system that, on the whole, has worked very well for all of the inhabitants of the Americas. Trump has changed all that and is reaping the results. 
The system we had been operating under, pre-Trump involved both written and unwritten rules. On the 'written' side, becoming a full fledged US citizen with voting rights and to be able to receive various social benefits etc. has always involved a long tedious application process. Likewise, the system to be formally accepted in the US as an asylum seeker has always been a high hurdle. 
On the other hand, our informal system for letting people come in as unregistered temporary workers has always been quite loose. Every year for 240 years, countless undocumented workers have come and gone across the southern border based on the need and availability of work in the US. The flow has always drastically stemmed and flowed based on factors such as whether the US was experiencing a housing boom or bust, whether construction workers were needed or unemployed. Of course the annual needs of the agriculture industry have always been a prime factor. 
Under our old system, pre-Trump our illegal immigrant population (IIP) did not steadily rise and never fall. During the housing boom of the 90's and early 2000's the IIP drastically increased and at the end of that boom the IIP drastically decreased.
The 'old system' had many flaws, but all in all it was a benefit to the US and immigrants, while the 'new system' as implemented by president Trump is an unmitigated disaster. The president's 'zero tolerance' for undocumented workers has wrecked havoc on the US agriculture industry and his promise to build a 'Berlin style' wall across our southern border has sent a shock-wave through Central and South America. Seasonal workers and asylum seekers now believe that 'now' may be their last opportunity to ever enter the USA and they are all coming at once. 
To make matters worse Mr. Trump has eliminated virtually all humanitarian aid to impoverished nations south of the border making the people there ever more desperate to leave. It's almost as if the president has been intentionally trying to increase illegal immigration in order to make a better case for building 'the wall'. How's that working for you president Trump? 
The president's MAGA slogan has turned into TMTWA "Trump Made Things Worse Again".

April 8, 2019

Trump and Netanyahu, Christian and Jewish Extremists think war on Iran will bring their messiahs

The two most vulgar hateful monsters ever to lead great nations. God looks down and is sickened to realize the world has come to this. Trump and Netanyahu have far more in common with Hitler that they do with the founders of their countries. In their evil insanity they believe that war on Iran will bring on their messiahs. Dear God in heaven I beg to stop these maniacs before they start WW3!

April 5, 2019

Trump is making Barr hold the report until after Tuesday's Elections in Israel

Trump could be seriously damaged by dirt in the report which would seriously hurt Netanyahu in the election because he is running on his partnership with Trump. There may be damning information concerning Netanyahu and Wiki-Leaks also.

March 29, 2019

Legalize and Decriminalize All Drugs

Making drugs illegal only creates a 'self policing' gigantic industry and countless innocent people die in the crossfire. These violent deaths of innocent people are infinitely more tragic than an accidental overdose by a willing user. The USA has forced adherence to these awful laws on Mexico and South America as a requirement for trade and aid. This has corrupted law enforcement in those areas and ruined their economies. This is the root cause of our immigration problems, people escaping chaos and corruption.

March 27, 2019

Twitter/Jack Dorsey make most of their money off of the White Nationalist Tweets from Donald Trump!

Twitter banned me for LIFE for posting "House Slave" on Kanye West's feed where he was wearing a MAGA hat and posting 'Slavery was a Choice'. So I said "That makes you Trump's House Slave". My Twitter account was suspended permanently within an hour and Twitter refuses to even discuss the issue. YET Jack Dorsey and Twitter let 'White Supremacist in Chief' Trump and his pals live large.
Trump puts the WHITE in Whitehouse

March 26, 2019

Israel and the Holy Lands Belong to the Whole World!

Jewish people should be able to live in peace in Israel and all of the Holy Lands and throughout the whole world, as should all people of all races and religions.
Israel and all of the Holy Lands are sacred ground to Christians Muslims and Jews. There can be no peace until all people can live in the Holy Lands, including Israel and ow land and be citizens!

That is the way it is in the USA and Israel would not exist as it does today without the support and authority of the USA.

March 22, 2019

Trump Tweets "The Mueller Report was almost as fun as New Zealand!"

Mueller Will Indict Trump on Obstruction of Justice

and Campaign Finance violations and perhaps Collusion with Russia. That's my opinion, based on these facts...

While it is a point of contention as to whether the constitution allows for the indictment of a sitting president, it is only a point of contention because it is not established law. There is no reason for the Special Prosecutor not to indict president Trump for any 'high crimes' Mr. Mueller thinks the president is guilty of and then let the wheels of justice proceed. Of course these indictments will be challenged in federal court and will likely end up with the Supreme Court.

It is the Supreme Court who will finally decide whether our criminal president faces a criminal court. These indictments and the ongoing testing of the constitution in our court system will hopefully increase the congressional appetite for impeachment and surely make it impossible for this horrible dishonest  ignorant fascist fool to hoodwink the American people again in 2020, assuming he is still in office.

Word is Mueller Report tomorrow. Trump Meltdown imminent. Sleep Well Mafia Don!

Sleep Well Mafia Don!

March 9, 2019


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The Comical side of Capitalism- Super Delivery is a bad idea that will fail.

Getting delivery or takeout of Pizza and Chinese food has been hugely popular for many decades, but not other foods, why? The answer is that those are the only foods that 'travel well'. Pizza and Chinese food do not degrade in quality when they cool off and they both reheat very well in a microwave or toaster oven. Everything else goes to hell if you don't eat it hot on the spot. Fries, Burgers, all sandwiches all breakfast foods etc. can never again be made 'good as new' once they cool off.

The only reason this massive expansion of food delivery is even being tried is that the US economy is so terribly unstable for the low wage worker. So many people with no job or retirement security are willing to work temp jobs in this '3rd world gig economy', now, but it can't last. We will elect leaders who will give us financial security and people will dump these 'gig jobs'.

And grocery delivery? Who wants someone else picking their produce? That's a joke. This whole new industry will go the way of the 1980's Sensory Deprivation Tank fad.

March 4, 2019

Fareed Zakaria is ON THE TAKE for the Bloody Saudi Prince. Evil!

Fareed Zakaria is ON THE TAKE for the Bloody Saudi Prince. Evil!
His latest show which aired today ends with a plea to forgive the Saudi Prince even though Zakaria says Khashoggi was his friend. It is pure evil nonsense.

March 1, 2019

A Moment of Peace

I wonder if the world could agree to a One Day of Peace Global Holiday
Where all adversaries pray for peace together...

Mafia Don is Going Down the Drain

Mafia Don is Trump's new nick-name

Mafia Don and Bibi and the Bloody Saudi Prince want war with Iran for no good reason. They will Fail and go to Jail.