The Dixie Dove

March 3, 2015

Fundamentalist Jews, Christians and Muslims Want WWIII

They really do. Because they ALL think they will win in...THE END.

Netanyahu and the Likud Party and Zionists in Israel, along with Tea Party Fundamentalist Christians in the USA and Fundamentalist Muslims in Terror Groups around the world all agree on ONE THING....


They all believe in their own twisted faith/fantasy that if we blow the whole world up...
GOD WILL SORT IT OUT...and 'they' The CHOSEN ONES will win big!


  1. Please list the Jews or Christians that have taken offensive actions aimed at starting Armageddon.

    I can't.

    It appears the only faith taking offensive action are Muslims. You know, like Iran and it's proxies that bleat out daily how they want to annihilate Israel, Europe and America.

    If Christians wanted the "end times" they would have popped a nuke on Mecca or Tehran. Same for Israel. They've had nukes for decades. Seems like they would have used them by now if they wanted the "end times".

    It's only Muslims that are seeking world conflict.

    1. Fundamentalist Jews and Christians backed the Iraq war which is the greatest moral abomination since WWII and almost caused WWIII.

    2. Oh stop your lying and hysterics. Democrats voted for it ... remember? Kerry, Clinton and a host of others. Kerry and other top democrats are on record saying the exact same thing Bush said. Kerry painted Saddam as a threat to the United States. Is he a "Fundamentalist Jew or Christian"?

      Who started it? Was it an offensive war? For starters the US and allies had every right to go after Saddam even if he didn't invade Kuwait according to the surrender agreement signed by Iraq. For years Saddam violated the terms of his surrender including firing on coalition aircraft.

      Democrats got us into WWI ... which was an outrageous and mindless loss of life. Woodrow Wilson ran his campaign ON NOT ENTERING THE WAR. A few months after he was elected he threw the US right into it.

      Democrats got us into WWII.

      Democrats got us into Korea.

      Democrats got us into Vietnam.

      Clinton did Bosnia.

      Lest you forget, we're still in Afghanistan. Obama used military force in Libya and his premature withdrawal from Iraq and support of the overthrow of Qaddafi and Mubarak gave birth to ISIS. He wanted Syria overthrown as well.

      It's amazing how you blame everyone but the people who actually want the "end times".

      Chew on this: If liberals and psychotic environmentalists hadn't demanded we not use our own resources (fossil fuels ... oil, natural gas, nuclear, hydroelectric) we never would have had reason to go to Iraq in the first place.

      Plus, you still haven't answered my question ... Please list the Jews or Christians that have taken offensive actions aimed at starting Armageddon.