The Dixie Dove

March 5, 2015


Tell Israelis that if they want our continued support they must elect a leader who will work with the USA. 

When exposed to evil, some people's reaction is to become evil themselves in an effort to protect themselves. That is Netanyahu and the Likud Party the evil of the Nazis does not justify the evil of Netanyahu.


  1. If you were the leader of Israel how would you handle the constant attacks and lies against Israel?

    If you were the leader of Israel, would you think Iran's stated goal of annihilating your country was just an ideal threat?

    I'm asking serious questions. How would you deal with the fact that Muslims want to kill every Jew and wipe Israel off the face off the earth? I ask again, would you take Iran's threats seriously or not?

    I'm just trying to understand why you hate a man that is trying to protect his country and people from annihilation.

    1. How in God's name do you think that Iran would attack Israel knowing fully they would be immediately annihilated by Israel and the USA?

    2. One ... they're driven by ideology. Fanatical ideology. Armageddon is what they want.

      Two ... democrats, if in power won't do anything. It's clear that the current administration and most democrats in Congress are hostile to Israel.

      Three, you ignored my questions. If you were the leader of Israel, how would you deal with the visceral hate and threats of annihilation coming from the Muslim world?

      Again, I'm simply trying to understand because Israel has never been on the offensive. Always defense. It is not the aggressor. Israel has offered to give into Muslim demands several times. The Oslo Peace Accords gave Arafat virtually everything he wanted but he rejected it. They do not want peace. They want Israel gone.

      Palestine could become a state tomorrow if Hamas and Hezbollah were disbanded and Muslim countries simply recognized Israel and vowed to live in peace.