The Dixie Dove

February 2, 2015

Any alien from space visiting would look at us like a bunch of fools in a life raft fighting instead of working together.


  1. So your view on how we should work together is to submit to socialism?

    What is it, in your view that would constitute us working together?

    1. Good question and I don't have a good answer. Socialism isn't fair in that it gives the same reward to the lazy vs the industrious, but too, every new baby born into poverty will say (as a young adult) 'this isn't fair, this land was taken from my ancestors and I had no say in it'.
      Do we continue the cycle of War and Peace forever, over and over?

    2. Life is unfair.

      "Equality" is not achievable because people cannot be made equal. It's a line used by people to gain power and control. That's why after half a century of progressive policies we still have the same problems those progressive policies were supposed to fix. Now they're even worse.

      There will always be stupid people, smart people, hard working people, lazy people, honest people, dishonest people, greedy people, generous people and so on.

      The best we can do is offer the opportunity to better oneself.

      Some of the most successful people in America were born poor. America offered them a chance and they took it.

      America is not about "equality", it's about being free to choose your own path. It's about freedom from government coercion. No other country in the world offered this. That opportunity is fading away. America is dying.

  2. All people will always pursue a good life by any means necessary. It's one thing to be born smarter another to be born rich no matter how dumb one may be. Free from government coercion? It is coercion when the government enforces any law, even when enforcing land ownership rights. It's one thing to live with a Henry Ford as your boss and landlord. He's someone who worked hard and smart and was smart and decent enough to give his workers a fair deal. Generations later, after such people accomplished great things, along come lazy stupid selfish cruel descendants and they have no moral right to the wealth there forebears created.

  3. The fruits of ones labor is theirs to do what they please. Just because someone dies doesn't give the government the right to take it. Many people give their money and assets to charity.

    I bet you'd think differently if someone wanted to leave you a nice tidy sum.