The Dixie Dove

February 5, 2015

What's Yours is Mine


It happens all the time, lots of people change their minds.
Sometimes it is fair and it is fine.
Today a lot of people UP there, with Wealth Beyond Compare, should understand that-
What's Yours is Mine.
We're on this world alone, with nations carved from bone and it has been a hard and awful climb.
But some day we will see, all nations come to be, who understand that,
What's Yours is Mine.
I'm not a Communist and I'm giving you the gist, I'm a Capitalist and that is fine,
but if You don't make it fair, it will rip your whole Town Bare...
And That's Why I Say-
What's Yours Is Mine.


  1. So it's "fair" that some people have to work everyday and are forced to give the fruits of their labor to people who don't? Doesn't that essentially make them slaves?

    Used to be people who worked hard and became successful, or even comfortable donated to charities and their churches ... of their own free will.

    By the way, if the government takes over the internet keeping your websites running is going to be more expensive. New taxes and hidden fees ... not to mention it'll force the smaller companies to fold. Big business loves big government. But then so do you! Oh, and the clamp down and what can be posted on the internet will follow. That's the entire reason for the takeover. Control of political speech. Big government must protect itself.

  2. An excellent primer on what's happening in the US and the west in general.