The Dixie Dove

February 2, 2015

Love is the ultimate efficiency formula.

Love Love is the ultimate efficiency formula. * * * * * * * It is really that simple. When we take each others well being into our own, then there are fewer collisions of interest which lead to wasted energy on everyone’s part. These clashes are always sadly counterproductive and stall and stunt our progress and could even destroy us save for some unforeseen intervention. Until we embrace Love as our core personal and social philosophy then we are forced to greet the birth of every new technological advancement with dread, knowing full well that despite the potential for good it will be used for selfish and hateful purposes as well. What a shame to take such a chance when salvation is within our grasp if we deal efficiently within this infinite universe. Love gives us peace and in turn prosperity through efficiency. In an angry world, even the queens and kings are in danger, while in a peaceful world even the poorest can have a good and happy life. The efficiency of love yields far more benefits to the most wealthy or poor than are lost by any individual to generosity. Our technological achievements to date are like miracles to those who lived centuries before us and yet the one thing which has always been most important to us is still out of reach, even though it is the simplest thing of all and has always been within our grasp...Love.

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