The Dixie Dove

December 5, 2014


I'm a Southern White Populist Liberal and I can tell you for sure Democrats that, as I agree with your economics 100%, I also know your take on 'why' people dislike government is only partially correct, here's why. Virtually 100% of the misguided people who voted Republican in the last election hate government because they think it is the enemy of 'them getting rich'. They have been brainwashed into thinking that government is only for the lazy and that it attacks the wealthy and impedes the common citizen from becoming wealthy. If we don't find a way to reach them on the Fox AM airwaves where Limbaugh and Hannity have their minds imprisoned we are doomed!
If I had a chance on the radio I could reach them in a way that you and Ed Schultz can't. We need a new Huey Long and I can be that. AND I CAN TALK SPORTS AS WELL AS ANYBODY (JUST A CAVEAT ;)
Chip Shirley, 'The Dixie Dove'.


  1. "Virtually 100% of the misguided people who voted Republican in the last election hate government because they think it is the enemy of 'them getting rich'. "

    You couldn't be any more wrong.

    We want liberty. We want to be free. We don't want the government controlling everything we do. We don't want to be afraid of OUR government. We want to succeed on our own merit and hard work, not be dependent on the government for our existence.

    Today, say something against the government and chances are you'll be attacked by leftist goons or one or more government agencies will "investigate" you.

    We're tired of working only to have more and more of our hard earned dollars to go ever expanded bureaucracy, while our national debt grows out of control.

    We now have a national debt of over $18,000,000,000,000. Our annual interest payment on that debt is almost 1/2 trillion dollars. Get it? Half a trillion dollars just on interest.

    We don't want the government telling us how to live, where to live, what to eat, what to drive, how warm or cool we can heat our homes and we're very tired of giving our taxes to people who refuse to help themselves. We're extremely tired of democrats going after the Bill of Rights. The left is trying to outlaw Christianity, free speech and our right to protect ourselves against an oppressive and abusive government.

    We're tired of criminals and radicals being protected by democrats while millions of innocent babies are slaughtered.

    Until you understand everything you believe about the right is false, and that you are the victim of a decades old propaganda campaign you will continue to walk in the dark.

    1. You are re-stating what I said. You think that gov impedes your progress through taxes and regulations. That's what Liberals need to address, because I know that while gov CAN be bad and hurtful to it's citizens, it's also true that without it we'd be crawling around in the woods eating roaches and dying at 25 like savages!

    2. No, I am not restating anything. You said we don't like a huge government because it prevents us from getting rich. I said we don't like it because we want to be free.

      Plus, government does impede through taxes and regulation.

      Look, government is a necessary evil. The founders of this country knew that, that's why they wrote the US Constitution. It spells out SPECIFICALLY what the powers of the federal government are. All other powers are left to the states and the people. READ IT. While you're at it read the Declaration of Independence.

      Over the decades corrupt politicians have expanded government and the only way to do that is by taking more money and writing more laws and regulations.

      Government is necessary, taxes are necessary to run the government. Too much government is not a good thing. As the government expands our liberty shrinks.

      You must understand that once a government grows big and powerful it enters a self preservation state where it will attack it's own citizens to not only remain powerful but grow.

      Our nation was never designed to be a Marxist paradise. It was designed to be the first nation in history where the people ruled themselves. We no longer rule ourselves. Corrupt ideologues do. They grow rich and powerful while we grow poorer. When the government controls everything opportunity disappears.

      The right wants a smaller, more accountable government. We want power returned to the people. We want fiscal responsibility. We want a government that isn't feared.

      You want the government to take from others and give to you. You want Marxism. You want a police state where dissent against the government is outlawed. The democrats are getting rich and powerful by telling you what you want to hear and doing the opposite. They're all filthy rich and can crush you with the force of government the minute you decide to voice displeasure with them. That's what they do to anyone, especially a democrat, who challenges them.

      Wake up.

  2. Simply put ... the job of the government is to protect liberty and it's citizens so they may pursue life, liberty and happiness.

    It's job is not to pick winners and losers, to control the economy, to provide. A communist government does that.

    Read the Soviet Union constitution and you'll see that everything the democrats (aka "progressives") have been preaching is coming straight from the mother of communism itself.

    They're preaching the supremacy of the state. They're preaching how all citizens are subservient to the state. They don't care about you except to make you an obedient, docile pawn to their interests.