The Dixie Dove

December 10, 2014

World Court Should Prosecute USA Torture Cases

The International Court of Justice or the United Nations should consider prosecuting this case using the evidence that the USA is willingly providing. It is impossible in a democratic country like the USA, to have one administration prosecuting the previous. The entire system would freeze up with angst and charges and counter charges...our system would implode.

But the world court and UN can do this. Just as prosecuting Nazi war crimes internationally rather than putting the onus entirely on Germany to police its self, so should be the case here. And while these cases of government sanctioned torture are vile and evil, thank God we live in a nation capable of electing leaders who renounce such things, investigate them and admit guilt. We are BEGGING the world to hold us accountable.


  1. Perhaps you should implore this "world court" to prosecute Islamic atrocities before you throw people who saved thousands of innocent lives by making Islamic butchers uncomfortable under the bus. Not only is ISIS slaughtering thousands of people but they rape women and children then kill them. The African Muslims are killing Christians everyday ... including school children. After they finish with Islam they can go after North Korea and China.

    The democrats have spoken and their message is they are not willing to do whatever is necessary to protect America and it's people. Islamists laugh at us. This treasonous act by democrats only makes us weaker and makes Islamists even more committed to killing us.

    On a side not, I couldn't care less what they do to these Islamic fanatics. You cannot deal rationally with people who are willing to not only kill innocents, but themselves in an effort to destroy any resistance to Islam.

    Please get your head out of your ass and wake up.

  2. I fully support the killing of terrorists with drones and the killing of Bin Laden in the raid on his compound. In am not part of the far Left who are against that, or Rand Paul and many Libertarians who are against that. The UN and World Court at the Hague have not stood against these things either.

    1. "The UN and World Court at the Hague have not stood against these things either."

      Of course they haven't ... they're all leftists.

      Unless you haven't figured it out yet, leftists can do anything without consequence. Do you ever wonder where all the anti-war people disappeared too? Obama was elected, they disappear. We're still in Afghanistan, now back in Iraq and droning everyone in sight. The left? *crickets*

      Watch, if a Republican is elected president and we're still in Afghanistan and the Middle East they'll reappear. If drone strikes continue the left will suddenly be against them. The Republican president will be doing everything Obama did but now they're "war crimes".

      C'mon ... you have to see that this is all political. Obama could torture Islamists himself and no one would say anything. The media would cover for him and liberals would just yawn.

      I really wish you'd begin to see the bigger picture. The left hates the US because it still stands for liberty and freedom. It still is the only power that can stop the advance of global communism which is the goal. Obama hates the US. He hates Europe. He hates Great Britain and he really hates Israel. Every action he's taken has been designed to weaken America, divide her people and dilute her culture. Killing American culture is what this "diversity" bullshit is all about. Do you see any other country except white western nations being forced to ignore their own culture in favor of someone else's?

      Hey ... remember when it was all about a color blind society? How we should judge someone by their words and actions instead of skin color? Where did that go? Now we're told we have to treat people according to their ethnicity. Whites are the lowest on the totem pole and get shit on, and killed by blacks and illegals daily.

      You have that virulent racist Michael Eric Dyson saying that whites brains must be reprogrammed. What??? Imagine if some white guy said that about blacks. Dyson is a trouble maker. His job is to keep blacks angry and America divided. Same with Sharpton, Holder and Obama.