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February 16, 2014

ACA Lowers Unemployment-Facts

1. Everyone agrees that unemployment is way too high and that there are many jobless folks who don't even show up in the unemployment statistics.

2.  Therefore, any job that is vacated by someone (who only needed it for the benefits) will clearly be immediately filled by someone who needs a job. That lowers unemployment.

3. Some people (hopefully many) will use the new opportunities afforded by the ACA to start their own business' and  hire others. This too will lower unemployment.

The ACA won't solve all of our economic problems and it won't give us a perfect health care system, but it is a step in the right direction and it will create new jobs and lower unemployment according to the CBO report and to anyone with an open mind and common sense.



  1. 4. 10 million new people with access to healthcare who only recently didn't have it also means more tongue depressors, rubber gloves, cotton swabs, etc. will be needed and that means more jobs manufacturing them.

    5. 10 million new people with access to healthcare who only recently didn't have it also means more data entry professionals, more phlebotomists, more x-ray techs, more biotech machinery sales and service staff, etc.

    6. It's also going to mean lower cost out of pocket in millions of monthly budgets. That equates to expendable income which will stimulate the wider economy creating jobs as well.

    This is a sneaky stimulus package that nobody seems to recognize.

    1. 4. Bully for China and GPO's. Most everything you mentioned is sourced overseas.
      5. "10 million" - need to check your stats. Only 1 million and a % of those are not new to coverage, just new to new coverage.
      6. Exactly the opposite. For every truly new cover-ee it means extra expenses for their unsubsidized part of the costs on a monthly basis. Are you nuts?!? This is why it has been met by a resounding cascade of silence for the missing 9 million you are looking for, particularly the much needed youths that are not spending their beer money on health insurance.

    2. 4. I was unaware that all phlebotomists commuted from the land of Sun Tzu. That must be hell on the sleep schedule. Do they just take all of the medical equipment in need of maintenance with them every day when they clock out or is that work done on sight? Are the X-ray techs and the hospital linen services done in another hemisphere every day too?! No wonder medicine is so expensive! You do know that manufacturing has been coming back in this direction for a few years now, I hope.

      5. People with new accounts on the state and federal exchanges + medicaid expansion for the poor + people under 26 on their parents' insurance = 9.7 million people with insurance because of the PPACA (Obamacare). That's not even including the folks who are also buying private insurance for the first time in a long time because they can't be told that their pre-exisitng condition will keep them from buying insurance. The market doesn't care how you want to parse it to try and pretend like they don't number 9.7 million. They will still show up and get care now.

      5. So you argue above that everyone had access to care and not you conveniently forget that we were already paying for them. Cognitive dissonance much?! It was under Reagan that it became the law of the land that hospitals E.R.s were required to treat people regardless of their ability to pay. Did you think that hospitals were just eating the loss? No way! The cost got divided up and put on all of our bills. What Obamacare accomplishes is quite a few things that make it more cost effective.

      First, Emergency Rooms are the most expensive way (aside from ambulances and helicopters) to deliver medical care. Subsidizing the poor's premiums instead of paying their emergency room bills moves them from the emergency room to an actual doctor's office. It also changes them from people who seek care only when things are catastrophic to people who get care before the condition is acute when it is likely to be much less expensive to treat.

      Additionally, the ACA's personal responsibility provision (individual mandate) switches people from paying none of their expenses, leaving the E.R. and causing the rest of the patients to shoulder the bill to instead paying at least some of the premium with subsidies making up only a shortfall instead of the entirety of the expense. Let's not also forget that paying premiums mitigates cost too because they can be invested for a return as the total accrues of the term of the coverage. This way some of the cost of treatment is in the form of capital gained from such investments.

      Further, the ACA takes young people who figure that they're youth means they will not need medicine any time soon and then go out and break a femur in a mountain biking mishap from making everyone else pay all of the cost of care to paying for 100% of their own premiums instead.

      Seriously, you're gonna need to make an argument with a basis in reality next time.

  2. You people are idiots. Everyone always had access to health care. Insurance does not mean better or more health care.

    Stupid fools are being led by the nose to your demise.

    1. There is a massive difference between having health insurance and therefore being able to visit the Dr. for just a copay whenever you want vs not seeking medical attention until you absolutely have to in the E.R. and knowing that it will either cost you a ton of money that you can't afford or it will put you in collections which is why you rarely go in the first place.

      I can explain it for you, but I can't understand it for you.

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    3. Thinkers Anonymous....That's insane! Everyone had access to the Emergency Room!?
      Right on Locke!