The Dixie Dove

February 19, 2014

Facebook 'blocks' WhatsApp

What good does this acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook do, for anyone, on the entire planet?

I say 'none'.

If Markenstein ZuckerBucks was going to let WhatsApp stay independent then he could have just given them 16 billion and not bought them. Or, if he really was thinking of doing good for the big picture of mankind then why not work on cooperative ventures instead taking them over?

What the world needs now and always is innovators innovating on their own terms for the pure love of it. This acquisition doesn't foster that for WhatsApp.

So the world has a few more 'multi-billionaires', do we really need that? And is anyone really much happier as a billionaire compared to just being really successful?

Doesn't Facebook need a facelift before MZ marches on to a new idea anyway? After all, he says that he wants to 'bring the whole world together'. Well guess what Mr. Z, while many young people have engaged in deadly levels of bullying on Facebook, I am blocked from posting this on your FB page. I still have my account there, but you have blocked me personally because you don't agree with my opinion. Go after bullying on your site, not free speech.

And if you want to help society, come up with your own new ideas, don't collect them like artifacts for your museum.


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