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February 14, 2014

Jonathan Martin and Bullying

I've been Bullied...

On a high school football team and in the workplace, in an office atmosphere and I can tell you that it is far worse in the workplace than playing amateur football.

Jonathan Martin's situation combined football and the workplace and I can't imagine a worse place for a young man to deal with this type of shit.

I only got help by going to the executive level in both my situations and thankfully both times I finally got results! We do have to get past this 'Snitching'  phobia in US society. We've got a little evil in us that tells us that 'telling on someone is always bad'...I guess it's our revolutionary spirit? Or is it just that a lot of people are friends of a bully and want to stay that way?

In Mr. Martin's case, I'm sure that many times he just wanted to 'cold cock' his bully teammates, but that would have cost him his job, millions of dollars, his whole life! Not an option.

I thank goodness that Jonathan Martin has brought this issue to the front pages because it needs serious attention.

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