The Dixie Dove

January 17, 2014

NSA Spying is Necessary

The massive amount of personal data lost by corporations to criminals is the reason WHY the US government MUST be involved in internet spying.

 Corporations, Universities and other large institutions have unwittingly been hacked into and lost millions of people's social security numbers and other personal data. Add China and other rogue governments to that list too. The data China hacks is not only used for government espionage, but also sold to private vendors and detectives for marketing and even blackmail

The NSA MUST be on the scene to control this, otherwise it's as if the warehouse of a large business was broken into and robbed and when the owner calls the police and they come to inspect the scene, the owner says to the detectives "Don't go in the warehouse! I'm afraid you might steal something or tell people what I have in there". INSANE!  


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