The Dixie Dove

January 14, 2014

Jail Time For Bridge Gate Perps?

The online Wall Street Journal just had a web-cast roundtable concerning Bridge-Gate *

The last question they took was from me!

"Chip Shirley asks 'Will anyone go to jail over Bridge-Gate?' "

All the panelists agreed that it was entirely possible. State laws may have been broken and lives could have been put at risk.

*-Wall Street Journal reporters Ted Mann and Neil King will provide their analysis of the future of Gov. Christie’s political aspirations and the Republican party in a live Spreecast at 12:15 p.m. ET Tuesday.-


  1. That's really funny. You want jail time for these people yet the DOJ just announced they will not file charges against the IRS hacks who went after Tea Party groups. How about the Fast and Furious gun running scam? Hundreds of murders yet no one charged. Typical of how democrats abuse their office and skirt the law.

    This is a lawless, reckless, criminal administration. The entire administration should be jailed along with the treasonous media that covers for them.

  2. Fox News has distorted your reality. That's all bull. The Republicans own the House and Issa has spent millions on investigations of these issues and he is yet to bring charges.

  3. All bull? So why did IRS officials admit to doing it? The hundreds of dead Mexicans and our own Border Patrol are fake? The only distorted reality is the world you live in. You refuse to acknowledge the massive lawlessness and corruption of this administration. If any Republican president or adminstration had done one tenth of what this one has you'd be screaming bloody murder.

    It is absolutely petrifying how you lap up every morsel of propganda that is fed to you. You refuse to even research on your own for fear of finding the truth.

    By the way, Issa can't bring charges. He has to rely on the corrupt Holder and his corrupt DOJ to do that. There will never be charges filed.