The Dixie Dove

December 3, 2016

Breitbart.Com=Fake News=Fake Election

Breitbart.Com is an evil lying fascist alt-right website that has millions of viewers fooled. Stephen KKK Bannon runs Breitbart and is Donald Jackass Trump's right-hand man.

Trump teamed up with Vlad the Conquerer Putin and the Rapist Assange to Hack the election and the willing idiots in the American 'news' media lapped it up and spit it out over an unwitting US electorate.

The American 'news' media is dead as a doornail and we are left at the mercy of fake-news.

It took World War II and Hitler to wake up a world of selfish rich people and corporations. It took piles of thousands of dead bodies to make America force the rich to pay their fair share, because this land is OUR land and no one in history ever accomplished a thing by themselves. It took rivers of blood to cause the US congress to call out fascist radio hosts and the 'fake news' of the day and create the Fairness Doctrine, because the 'marketplace' does not police itself.

Reagan killed the Fairness Doctrine, Trump and Bannon and Assange and Putin defiled the Republican Party and stole the election. The blind sheep in the American electorate have earned themselves the coming blood bath.


  1. What form do you expect this "blood bath" to take?

    1. Chip wants everyone who won't obey the commands of the left to be executed. In his world there is no room for other opinions, beliefs, or ideologies. Freedom is a dirty word to Chip.

      In Chip's world ultimate authority must be given to the government so they can establish Utopia ... or heaven on earth. Anyone who stands in the way must be exterminated ... especially white people.

      When commons sense ruled we used to call that something else. Now it's called "tolerance" and "equality".

    2. War with Iran, side wars with China, global instability...

  2. Good Lord Almighty ... the left says "fake news" and you immediately follow suit. It looks like you have no mind left of your own, you simply spit out whatever the left says.

    The right says read everything and form your own opinion. The right says you should be free to say anything.

    The left says ban theses books, ban these websites, ban these speakers ... they want to control what you say and hear.

    I'm fascinated how well their psychological conditioning and propaganda as worked on you. You have zero independent thought, and display a willful blindness to everything around you.

    The left: "Chip, the sky is now orange!"

    Chip: "OMG! The sky is orange! I cannot, will not, challenge what the left says. My eyes must be deceiving me! They say it's blue. No! It's orange! The left tells me so!

    My eyes are giving me fake news!!!!!!!!"

    The left now controls what college students say, what they read, what they hear, what speakers can come to campus. This is what you want? This is your utopia?

    Since you haven't figured it out yet, "fake news" is everything that threatens their agenda. There is no "fake news" ... except what they tell you. Understand? They are the ones giving you fake news.

    1. is satanic and it's leader is in the Oval

    2. You ... Chip Shirley ... support the democrat party which has for decades now been driving God out of the public square. The left (aka democrats) hate God, hate Christians, hate Jews yet absolutely love Islam. Remember, they're pushing the racist, antisemite muslim Keith Ellison to head the DNC.

      Yet you call Breitbart and Bannon who work to uphold Christian values and traditions in this country "Satanic".

      My diagnosis of you is correct. Completely taken over by leftist anti-God, anti-freedom, pro-communist, pro-Islam propaganda and incapable of independent thought.

  3. Help me!!! Help me!!! I'm Chip Shirley and I have no brain!!! There's fake news everywhere and I can't tell what's real because I'm to busy smoking weed and collecting welfare to take five minutes to research something!!! Plus I'm not supposed to read anything but left wing propaganda!!! Everyone is lying except the global communists!!!!! They're all lying!!!!! Forced Utopia is fantastic!!! Let the global communists control what you read, what you hear, what you say .... it's for your own good!!!!! Why don't you understand????????

    Stop the fake news!!! It's making people wake up and see the global communists!!! Help me help the communists win!!! Stop reading anything but left wing propaganda!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!