The Dixie Dove

December 4, 2016

A Much Needed Change to the US Constitution

Altering the constitution is hell to do, but if we did, so that coalitions could be formed between various presidential candidates and parties who are likeminded so that district by district votes would reflect these coalitions, then the USA would have a much more fair electoral system and everyone could celebrate the diversity of candidates and parties without the worry that the likeminded were killing each other off at the polls... AKA in our present system Nader weakened Gore and Gave it to W and Stein and Gary Johnson weakened Hillary and gave it to Trump.
Just a little something that the writers of the US Constitution overlooked.


  1. Why change the Constitution?

    Just gather all the leftists together, decide what states you want and move there. We'll have a complete separation. You can form your own communist government and write your own governing documents. I suggest using the Soviet Union Constitution as a template.

    Then you won't have to worry about God, or Christian values, or families, or women getting abortions.

    Your new country will be free of God, and the government will control everything you do. They'll tell you what and what you can't say, what and what you can't do and they'll kill babies for free!!! Since weed is high on your priority list I'm sure weed will be legal.

    Think of how fun it'll be! You guys can check each other for "privilege", monitor each others speech and turn each other in to the authorities if you get offended! It's everything you want!

    Plus, since you don't mind living with Islamists and people from third world countries they'll just all flood to your new country! You'll love it! Sharia law, drug gangs, massive corruption, high crime ... who could ask for more?

    Oh ... one thing though. White people will have last dibs on jobs and have to pay higher taxes if they do find one. White privilege you know.

  2. The electoral system is fair as it is. If not for the electoral system 90% of the country would be at the whim of the major liberal urban areas with millions of people. New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Boston ... would control the votes regardless of what the rest of the country voted for.

    The elctoral college gives thos states not massively populated a voice.