The Dixie Dove

July 7, 2016

The Ugliest Election Ever-Part 1

Before getting into the nitty gritty-I just want to remind all you cynical souls of one thing;
And that is this...
Sometimes the ugliest decisions we ever have to make have the
biggest consequences.

McCain is a good seeming guy, but he would have started bombing Iran day one in office. I give Reagan a 'B' as president despite his shit, but simply because he didn't start any big new wars, likewise Obama. And Hillary will get a B too if she doesn't start a new war because Trump has said Iran will get bombed and China and South America will be punished. That's WWIII.

A Psycho versus a normal qualified Sleazy Politician-and this new generation of internet idealists who think they know so much shit they do not know, these smarties with the clean hands are too pure to pull the lever for a harlot with governing skills and experience, even if their abstinence leads to Armageddon.

This is truly the ugliest election ever.

1 comment:

  1. Obama didn't start any wars?

    He and Clinton set the Middle East on fire by killing Qaddafi, attacking Assad in Syria and assisting the Muslim Brotherhood to oust Mubarak in Egypt. These three men held Islamic radicals in check. Once they were gone the Middle East exploded and ISIS was born.

    Obama and Clinton knew exactly what they were doing.