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June 30, 2016

Mafia 'Don' ald Trump

Donald Trump's ties to the New York Mafia are well documented, []

but even if they weren't, his mafioso manners have been on public display throughout his presidential campaign. Time and again Trump has resorted to vulgarisms an thinly veiled threats when challenged by the press and his political adversaries.

The latest example came yesterday in a speech he gave in Bangor, Maine. As he explained his views on making trade policy, Trump said..."I want great deals. I don't care if they're free, I don't care if they're fair, I don't care if they're good, I don't care if they're horrendous -- I just want great deals." "I'll do it all different ways."

This is Mafia Donald Trump's version of the line from the Godfather "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse." Just as that line can be seen as innocuous by the naive 'maybe he just means he'll make a very generous offer' when it really means 'offer to kill him and his family if he refuses'; when Trump says 'I don't care if the deal is fair or horrendous' he means that he will physically threaten US trading partners to force them to accept trade deals that are bad for their own country and great for the USA.

Meanwhile US media are treating Trump much as Neville Chamberlain treated Hitler and Mussolini prior to WWII-AND THAT IS AN APT COMPARISON. If elected, despite his claims that recent US military activities in the Middle East were bad ideas, Trump will go to war with Iran. He has clearly laid the groundwork for starting a war with Iran by falsely claiming that the Iranian leadership is behind most terrorism, when nothing could be further from the truth. ISIS is Sunni, Iran is Shia, nuff said. This would lead to WWIII and almost inevitably the use of nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile our shallow cable news media are content to show Trump speeches, rake in the ratings dollars and mock him for misspeaking when he said he wants 'great trade deals even if they are horrendous.' 

He did not misspeak, he is not kidding and he is not a joke.

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