The Dixie Dove

November 14, 2015


It's all about the Oil, we support fascist monarchies with our oil addiction and that allows for the oil funding of 'more formal' terrorists like the ones who attacked Paris.


  1. If it was all about oil then we'd be accessing our own vast oil reserves and allowing the Keystone pipeline.

    We have more oil, natural gas and coal the any other country on the face of the earth. We could be completely energy independent ... but the left is an ally of Islam and therefore wants to keep US dollars flowing to muslim butchers.

    What's it's really about is world government. Open borders. Western countries are being flooded with people to dilute populations and national will giving leftists the room they need for their move. Only western countries have the military and technology to fight. That's why their populations and will must be diminished.

    That's also what disarming US citiozens is about.

    1. Honestly, it is a fact that, while our oil production increases can save us money at the pump, our continued dependence on oil helps keeps global oil prices stable and guarantees that 'Crazies' in the Middle East can stay rich off of their oil.

    2. ?????

      All oil is sold on the world market. There isn't oil set aside specifically for the US. Using our vast reserves and becoming energy independent would cause world oil prices to drop like a stone, taking billions and billions away from Middle East coffers.

      The only way to deal with Islam is to restrict it to the Middle East completely. No country should allow muslims in their countries. There's still time to remove muslims from civilized lands.