The Dixie Dove

November 16, 2015

Governor Abbott has No Authority to stop individual citizens and churches from accepting refugees into our homes and churches in Texas.

The refugees are refuting ISIS by leaving. If they stay they will be enslaved and blackmailed into being suicide bombers with threats to harm their children. If we help them they will be the best fighters against ISIS.


  1. Screw you. Governors should finally tell the America hating Obama to fuck off. He has NO RIGHT to flood the US with muslims that WILL kill people here.

    You people are absolutely fucking nuts.

    1. they're leaving because they hate isis

    2. You are nuts.

      The majority are young, able men. They should be fighting ISIS. Instead, they will go to western civilized nations ... whose culture they despise. They will rape women, little boys, commit crime, segregate into muslim enclaves and demand sharia law ... like they do already.

      Islam demands the eradication of everything not Islamic.

      What the hell is wrong with you people that you can't see what's right in front of your face?

      How many people do you want dead? When war comes, and it will ... it will be because of the left. It always is.