The Dixie Dove

February 18, 2015

The Republican party is a Death Cult Like ISIS with right wing Christians who also agree we are in End Times, just like ISIS.

It is a FACT that Sadam used chemical weapons on Iraqi revolutionaries and their families. That was evil, but it turned out that the people he was killing are far more evil, insane and dangerous than he was. Sadam was keeping Al Qaeda and ISIS in control and we destroyed Sadam's regime and let the devil out of the bottle.
Sadam and Iraq had zero to do with 9-11 and the Cheney administration wiped him out because Israel and Likud told them too. Evil all over. This is why the Republican Party is part of the ISIS terror network. Republicans do the dirty work of Likud and Netanyahu and then also destroy the better leaders in the region (Iraq and Iran) and turn loose the ISIS evil. The Republican party is a Death Cult Like ISIS with right wing Christians who also agree we are in End Times, just like ISIS.


  1. Your glorious leader is either a Muslim sympathizer, or a closet Muslim himself.

    He has done nothing but help spread the advance of Islam and terror groups like ISIS.

    He withdraw American forces from Iraq, and supported the ouster of Qaddafi in Libya and Mubarak in Egypt. Both kept radical Islamists under control, the Americans kept them under control in Iraq. Obama knew this, that's why he supported their ouster and eventual deaths, and the withdrawal of American forces.

    Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood to take over Egypt.

    Obama supports Iran acquiring nuclear weapons to attack Israel.

    If anyone belongs to a death cult, it's Obama and his herd of democrats. He cannot bring himself to say "Islam" in reference to the slaughter Muslims are committing around the world, but he can attack Christians for who knows what.

    You better wake up. Obama now wants thousands of Syrian "refugees" brought to the US. He wants the US filled with more Muslims.

  2. Iran is the most decent an moral country in the Middle East. They should be our allies. Netanyahu and US rightwing Christians are part of an end times death cult just like ISIS.

    1. Then you know nothing about the Iranian leadership. The ayatollahs and the sycophants that surround them are "twelvers". The believe in the "Twelfth Imam" is awaiting Armageddon to return and it's their mission to bring it about.

      Remember in 2009 when the Iranian people were screaming for reform and prepared for a revolution? Yeah, Obama just blew them off. He likes the Iranian leadership.

      Understand that in many countries the people are subject to the whims of their rulers. It;s never the people who are the enemy.

      I truly don't know where you get your information.

  3. Rush Limbaugh came from a family where everybody graduated from college with high degrees, mostly lawyers judges and federal judges. His parents were traditional conservatives not redneck racists who dominate the R party today. Limbaugh's parents were ashamed of him and his hatespeech and he failed out of college 1st semester and lived off of an allowance until he finally found a station that would let him make nigger jokes and he garnered the fandom of of the lowest common denominator white bigots and the rest is misery for America.

    1. You try to belittle more than half of America that believes in nothing more than liberty, fiscal responsibility and small accountable government. For those treacherous beliefs you call us redneck racists, white bigots and blame us for misery in America.

      If you could use your brain you'd understand that all the misery in America has been brought on by progressives policies. Policies that have only made the problems they were supposed to fix worse. Since you can't, you cling to the belief that anyone who doesn't bow down before the government and pledge to whip themselves for being a white person is evil.

      You are a prime example of how powerful and destructive propaganda is.