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February 17, 2015

ISIS aren't Muslims and Fox News Fans aren't Christians.

ISIS aren't Muslims and Fox News Fans aren't Christians.
President Obama was right, evil Christian Crusaders and our evil war on Iraq caused the rise of the evil other side of the coin. Then when the leader of the Christian world (a good Pope) says we shouldn't be bigots towards Islam all the right wing Fox Christians rise up and start talking about killing 'evil Muslims'.

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  1. You're wrong.

    ISIS is Islam. ISIS behave the exact same way Medieval Islam did. Islam was spread by the sword and through fear.

    Early Islam spread like wild fire across Northern Africa, into Spain and was set to spread through Europe if not for the skill and bravery of one man ... Charles Martel. Look him up.

    While you're at it look up the Battle at the Gates of Vienna where the Islamic advance was stopped before it spread into central Europe.

    Lastly, and you would know this if you spent a fraction of time researching anything ... the Crusades were a DEFENSIVE war. They were fought to stop and beat back the Islamic hordes.

    Please stop listening to propaganda. Stop allowing Islamapologists to influence what you think.