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January 7, 2015

Charlie Hebdo Hypocrisy?

Has Charlie Hebdo ever mocked French gov/society for their bigotry in banning the Burka but allowing Christian focused attire? The outfits Nuns and priests and the Pope wear are just as odd and blatantly religious as the Burka and like the Burka people in these positions in the Catholic church are required by their religion to conform. This is bigotry and a double standard on the part of the French government and society and if Charlie Hebdo actually has good intentions with its social satire this law should be one of their main targets. By the way, if Hebdo set up an office in Rome Italy or Rome Georgia and started posting vulgarities about Jesus their office would be attacked by fundamentalist Christians without a doubt.

In 2010 Hebdo's reaction to the anti-burka law was to show a Muslim woman who has shoved the burka up her rear end...even handed? NO! I wouldn't post that cartoon even if I was threatened to do so! Hedbo is as much a free speech issue as a Klan Parade!

Hedbo feigns even handedness and is actually the same towards Islam as the KKK is towards Black people. I don't agree with their killing, but here in the US we don't let hate-speech be mass distributed in our media and we don't ban the Burka. France and Hedbo were literally asking for it. I'm sorry they got it...

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