The Dixie Dove

January 8, 2015

Charlie Hebdo Represents French Bigotry

Violence is not the answer and I pray for the terrorists to be brought to justice, however, that does not make the victims in this case heroes or representatives of 'freedom of speech'.

Charlie Hebdo masquerades as a satirical magazine that pokes fun at power and hypocrisy, but this is a front. While Hebdo mocks everyone and everything on occasion they save their pure hate and venom for Islam. I suspect Hebdo is a Zionist front organization that is determined to start a war between Islam and the West (the Crusades and Occupation of Palestine and Iraq War weren't enough).

Charlie Hebdo is reminiscent of the thinly veiled racist rags popular in the South after the Civil War, but no longer accepted in the US, or the hateful publications published by some Muslim bigots against Jews today. Hebdo is no different.
Despite the Louvre France has a social streak of bigotry and sexism a mile wide. The hateful bigoted banning of the Burka is the prime example. If Charlie Hebdo wasn't a front for bigoted anti-Islam hate-speech then they would have vigorously and constantly taken the French government and society to task for the evil anti-Burka law, but no. Charlie Hebdo's reaction to France's banning of the Burka was to put on their cover a picture of a fully nude Muslim Woman gleefully shoving the Burka up her butt and exclaiming 'I'll wear it on the inside'. The French government's assault on the human rights of Muslim's was yet another excuse for Charlie Hebdo to attack them with pens.

Stop terrorism, stop violence and stop defending hate-speech.


  1. Keep defending the spread of Islam. They'll kill you last.

    Your constant pleas for abridging freedom is what Islamists and leftists want. There was no such thing as "hate speech" until the left invented it to silence it's critics. It's simply a tool used to control.

    The only answer for speech you find offensive is more speech.

    Islam and the left only want speech allowed that benefits them.

    Wake up. Europe is under siege. The US is under siege. The fate of Western civilization and the faiths of Christianity and Judaism is at stake. There will be world conflict and millions if not billions will die. This is all because the left has called any speech in favor of protecting western civilization, Christianity and Judaism "hate speech". Countries are afraid to protect their borders and kick out the invaders.

    Make no mistake. People in Europe and the US are being pushed into a corner. We don't want to speak Spanish, don't want to convert to Islam and we don't want to be ruled.

    Once it begins there will be no turning back. What will come is directly a result of the left and the people that support it's lies.

    1. If Western nations hadn't taken over Arab land in Palestine on behalf of Zionists after WWII, then 9-11 and today's terrorism would never have happened.

    2. Israel is 1% of the total land mass in the Middle East. Are you seriously claiming that Islam is so intolerant it can't stand to have Jews live side by side with Muslims?

      Secondly, Judaism has been around for thousands of years. If anyone can lay claim to land there it's Jews. The psychotic "religion" of Islam was formed in the 7th century.

      Lastly, no one drove "palestinians" from Palestine except other Muslims. Most of the so-called "refugees" fled when Muslims attacked Israel immediately after it was declared a nation. Muslims living in Israel have more rights than Muslims in any other Muslim nation. Egypt has a wall preventing "refugees" from entering Egypt yet no one ever chastises Egypt for this. Only Israel is attacked.

      By the way, western nations had authority over Middle Eastern lands because the Ottoman Empire sided with Germany in WWI. The result was allied powers did what all those winning wars do ... they broke up the empire. Had the Ottoman Muslims simply stayed out of the conflict they would have been left alone.

      Muslims also sided with the Nazi's in WWII. What does that tell you?