The Dixie Dove

November 6, 2014

What Chris Matthews Doesn't Get-

Chris Matthews is the biggest two faced phony moron in all of DC! FDR and LBJ had 67, that's SIXTY SEVEN Senate seats when they passed their major legislation and the Republican party was far more moderate than the insane ultra right fools in office today. Right wing bigots have bought up every radio station in the nation and have brainwashed the dumb and poor!


  1. Hey moron ... Republican principles haven't changed. Liberty, economic freedom, small, accountable limited government, the rule of law. Nothing has changed.

    What has changed is the democrat party. The democrats are now the party of extremists. They're pro-Islam, anti-Christian, pro-Marxist, anti-business and anti-liberty.

    1. Then stop voting for the people who are.

      Or ... run for Congress yourself. Since Obama was elected virtually all moderate and blue dog democrats have been chased out or retired. The people who remain are pushing an extreme leftist agenda, and not for your benefit ... for theirs.

      The democrat party as you think you know it doesn't exist anymore.

      Just think about it. Their entire platform consists of creating victims and getting those "victims" mad at Republicans. Then when they win they just do whatever they want regardless of what the people of this country want.