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August 14, 2014

Racist Missouri Legislature Honors Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh is from Missouri and last year he was honored by the state legislature at the capitol. That really says it all. Rush Limbaugh is as much of a blatant bigot as ever walked the earth. He oozes hatred toward Black people constantly. If the Missouri state government honors him they endorse racism.
Read about it here...
-ST. LOUIS • Radio commentator Rush Limbaugh, at the center of a storm of criticism for derogatory remarks directed at a young law school student, is set to be honored by the Missouri Legislature with a statue at the state Capitol.-

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  1. You're an idiot. Limbaugh's right hand man on his show is a black guy. He's worked for him for years

    The only racist people are liberals who feel minorities aren't capable of taking care of themselves and must be cared for by white liberals.