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August 12, 2014

The Night I Met Robin Williams-Dressed in Black

About 1983 my ex/Brenda and I had moved to NYC Brooklyn and my mother-in-law/Vicki was visiting. We decided to go see the cheap show, which was Catch A Rising Star. Good timing.

After about an hour of good comedians Robin Williams walked on the stage WITH NO PRIOR WARNING dressed in black AND WENT WILD FOR AN HOUR.

From the second he walked onto the stage the audience was transfixed and it didn't even stop when he left the stage. Seriously.

We managed to be in a lucky spot at the bar as he was leaving and meeting and greeting. Vicki, a handsome woman, immediately took Robin's hand and encaptivated him for about ten minutes amongst a throng of his fans, he was in love with her and they really had a nice conversation. She introduced him to me and Brenda.


He was a very sweet man.

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