The Dixie Dove

July 19, 2014

Calling All Aliens-Interplanetary Therapy

That's what we need here.

It is possible for us to make this planet a peaceful wonderland of prosperity and technological progress if we could only find peace, but we can't. The one thing that even wild animals can do within families and tribes of their own kind is find peace, but we can't.

So after about ten thousand years I have about give up.

I am praying to God that if we can't have angels and miracles can't we have some company? Can't we get in touch with some of our own kind from another planet, somewhere? Intelligent advanced technologically 'people' of sorts?

Many people worry what other 'people's' intentions might be. But power comes from order and individual peaceful consent to social order is necessary to achieve great power. The effort it would take to even contact us, far away visit, is so utterly mind boggling that it makes growing food on the moon or Mars look easy as pie. If they weren't perpetually peaceful they would blow themselves up instantly.

They could be our interplanetary therapists and, maybe we would listen to them.

So, let's all hope and pray for the aliens.


  1. We have the rightwing party here trying to turn this into a right wing utopia where it's every man for himself, dog-eat-dog.

    1. You're an idiot. Idiots are what the left needs because they can't think for themselves and believe propaganda so easily. Morons like you will be the destruction of this nation.

    2. Thank you for validating my previous comment Chip. I was addressing Bill Cooley by the way.


    The true purpose of "comprehensive immigration reform".

    1. An obvious sign you didn't read it.