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July 29, 2014

Obama Should Copy Reagan on Amnesty for Immigrants

As the story below describes, what's good for the Gipper is good for President Obama.
Legal Experts: Executive Order on Immigration Tough to Challenge
When President Barack Obama picks up a pen to use his presidential powers on immigration reform, he's likely to have a clear path with little legal leverage for opponents to fight back, Politico reports.
"The court route, I don't see it," former Bush immigration official Jan Ting said of Obama's expected executive action next month....


  1. I'd go for that. The deal Reagan made was amnesty for the million plus illegals here in exchange for securing the border.

    True to form after Reagan signed the amnesty democrats laughed in his face and refused to secure the border. If Obama would agree to similar sort of deal I doubt very seriously if Republicans would go back on their agreement llike democrats always do.

    On a side note ... can you explain why you want millions of uneducated, unskilled, non-englsih speaking people here when they drain our resources, depress wages and take jobs from Americans?

    I'm really serious. No liberal ever gives me an answer.

    1. Well, for one, President Reagan could have waited for legislation to seal the border before granting the amnesty, but he didn't. What kind of 'deal' did he think he had with the congress to give him something later...? And if there was such a deal can you find any quotes where Reagan expressed regrets about the amnesty deal later, in retrospect?
      Finally as to why I want 'them' allowed in...As a young adult I worked exclusively in the Golf Course construction business and in the 'Food and Beverage' industry. This was when the minimum wage was much closer to a living wage than it is today (the 70s) and I lost many jobs and a lot of salary to illegal workers who were working at one 3rd the minimum wage. If they had been legal and paid the minimum wage I would have fared better.

  2. You want to legalize millions of people who if they aren't already, will become government dependents and effectively economically collapse the US because a long time ago illegals took your job?

    Shouldn't the answer(s) be:

    a - secure the border first and foremost

    b - Even though there are already laws that make hiring illegals a crime, enforce them

    c - stop giving illegals taxpayer money

    Those steps will force most illegals to leave.

    There is no upside to legalizing them.

    Let's understand one thing. There is only one culture in the US, and that's American culture. People have varying heritages, but we all share one culture. When you begin to flood the nation with people who will not assimilate you will eventually have a clash of cultures.

    There will be great conflicts in the US. It's inevitable. This is all coming to a head and it's intentional.

    I wish you'd understand and not try to take things so personally. I used to be a democrat. I voted democrat. As we got further away from Kennedy the democrat party became more and more radical ... more to the far left ... until I could no longer support people who were actively trying to destroy what this country is.

    Social justice, inequality, government run health care, living wage, nationalization of industries ... these are all Marxist ideas. When Obama spoke of "economic patriotism" he was echoing the same words spoken by someone else, Vladimir Lenin.

    If you actually are a Marxist well I suppose I understand why you support these people. If you're not ... why are you still supporting them? Look, progressives are the new aristocrats. Look how rich and powerful the left is. Look at us, I'm just an ordinary guy with a regular job ... we're all getting poorer. Marxist, left, progressive, socialist countries always create two classes. The rich and powerful ruling class and us. Eventually they'll be so powerful we can't fight back.

    That's part of the reason for getting as many illegals in here as possible. To change the demographics. They want more poor minorities than white middle class.

    My sole purpose is to get you to think, to understand.

    An excellent primer on what's going on in America today. It was planned decades ago and is bearing fruit.