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June 25, 2014

Iran Helps US in Middle East

No matter what Nitwit-Netanyahu and the Evil-Likuds say, Iran is one of the few 'good guys' in the Middle East. And the truth is that Saudi Arabian princes are the prime funding source for Al Qaeda and ISIS. Learn the 'real politics'.
BRUSSELS — Iran is directing surveillance drones over Iraq from an airfield in Baghdad and is secretly supplying Iraq with tons of military equipment, supplies and other assistance, American officials said. Tehran has also deployed an intelligence unit there to intercept communications, the officials said.

1 comment:

  1. Ummm ... Learn the 'real politics'.?

    When are you going to start?

    You consider the government of Iran, the same people that held hundreds of US hostages for over a year, supplied weaponry and technology that killed Americans in Iraq and constantly tells the world how they're going to vaporize Israel one of the good guys?

    The real politics is there are no "good guys" in the Middle East with the exception of Israel where Muslims have more rights than any other country in the Middle East. Israelis don't hang gays, or stone women, or blame them for being raped.