The Dixie Dove

June 19, 2014

Back to Iraq Do it Again....

War wheels turning round and round....

The fact is that the bunk W-Cheney said to get us into Iraq was all lies and Obama was right to point that out, BUT, ironic as hell, the fact that we did invade and destroy the fabric of their society has led to a chaotic situation where, yes indeed, Al Qaeda IS now making a move to set up shop in Iraq, threaten/own the oil fields and therefore become a real threat to the world.

As state senator Obama said before the war ‘Al Qaeda is not a presence in Iraq, but if we invade and create a chaotic political vacuum, they will be.’ As Colin Powell said, ‘you break it you buy it’, and Bush bought it for the USA. It’s complicated as hell and there are no easy answers.

Does anyone really think the world can allow Al Qaeda to own Iraq and their oil?

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  1. If Bush "lied" why did Senators Clinton and Kerry, as well as other democrats say the same thing?

    Secondly, who gives a shit about their oil? It's oil that allowed Islamic terrorism to rise.

    We have more oil, natural gas and coal than any country in the world. We could be completely energy self sufficient bu the left won't let us. They hate nuclear and hydroelectric power as well. They want us to live with wind turbines and solar panels. Ironically, solar and wind eat up more land and destroy more open space than any oil drilling production.