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March 20, 2014


As the excerpt below from NYT describes, Russian policy and sentiment is leaning towards their own version of 'Neo-Conservitism'. The 'grand old man' of their current politics can easily be compared to our own Dick Cheney, a power-mad coldhearted tool of destruction.

So for those who say that President Obama should not stand against insane violence, because George W. Bush 'did it too', then I say, 'thanks', and welcome to hell.
From the New York Times-
MOSCOW — As Russia and the United States drift toward a rupture over Crimea, the Stalinist writer Aleksandr A. Prokhanov feels that his moment has finally arrived.
“I am afraid that I am interested in a cold war with the West,” said Mr. Prokhanov, 76, in a lull between interviews on state-controlled television and radio. “I was very patient. I waited for 20 years. I did everything I could so that this war would begin. I worked day and night.”
Mr. Prokhanov is an attack dog whose career has risen, fallen and risen again with the fortunes of hard-liners in the Kremlin. And it is a measure of the conservative pivot that has taken place in Moscow in Vladimir V. Putin’s third presidential term that Mr. Prokhanov and a cadre of like-minded thinkers — a kind of “who’s who of conspiratorial anti-Americanism,” as one scholar put it — have found themselves thrust into the mainstream.

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