The Dixie Dove

December 19, 2013


As Gold Dives below 1200 patriotic citizens should celebrate.

Insane selfish pundits on AM radio have been Hawking Gold for Years! And all they were really doing is to tell people to 'give up' on the US Economy and Hunker Down. This 'attitude' and selfish scam have deflated and demoralized our nation. This attack against traditional democratic social values is an effort to give 'chemotherapy' to our country in order for it's corporate masters to 'cure' the 'disease' they see as DEMOCRACY.

Sorry folks, you good people who have listened to trash talking radio talk hosts and their rotten sponsors sell you on G O L D...They should be ashamed and driven off of the air! I hope for all of you that you didn't lose it all on this scam...

It wasn't that many years ago that Gold was at less than $500 per oz. and that's where it's headed. The insane inflation of Gold and the 'Gold Collector Coin' scams is based on selling fear and paranoia. The same people who crashed our economy with the fake housing prices bundles are behind this scam.

Gold has little intrinsic value. It's like collecting art! We have enough Gold already for electronics manufacturing and there's still 100s of times as much as we have yet to be mined!

Sorry folks. You need to start a class action suit on this. But the re-focus on investing in our economy is GREAT FOR AMERICA! 


  1. Gold is a scam? Hmmmm ... is that why radical leftist and Obama financier George Soros bought tons of gold?

  2. That is exactly my point. Only a fraction of his portfolio is in gold, but the right radio has been selling gold as safer than stocks and cash, it's not. Big money investors who do it for a living can make money on anything. Soros can buy so much gold that it inflates the price then he sits back and waits for a peak and SELLS IT ALL. The little guy always loses on it.

    1. Well apparently he didn't know what he was doing because he bought when gold was high.

  3. Gold is a good hedge for multi-billionaires, but they only put a teensy bit of it in their overall portfolio. Gold ads on talk radio have been telling people the opposite...that stocks and money were worthless and only gold was safe...nonsense.

  4. Well if you don't like precious metals don't buy any. Unlike health insurance the government can't force you to buy it. Keep your money in stocks but be prepared to pull everything out when the market begins to correct itself. It's artificially high because the Fed has been pumping 85 billion a month into it. When that stops ....