The Dixie Dove

December 24, 2013

Dear Santa I Want a Train...I mean Good Rail Service

Oh what could have been, what should have been and most sadly, what WAS, but is no more.

Question-What node of transportation was faster, safer, cheaper and more plentiful in 1950 than today...
Answer- Rail Service in the USA.


Because of Lack of funding our rail transportation is behind 50 years ago. It is a shame.


  1. Always wanting more and more and more taxpayer money.

    Railway travel declined because of the automobile. Trains simply couldn't compete ... that why they're subsidized today with taxpayer money. If people wanted to travel by train then we'd have trains. Most don't. Everything doesn't need the taxpayer to fund it. Like I said, if people wanted railways then you could bet private investors would have built them.

    Massive railways herding people is almost a liberal sexual fantasy. They hate the idea of people being free to travel where and when they want.

    Stop using the government to force your fantasies onto people. Everything you want has to be forced on the population by government.

    Also, stop calling yourself "liberal". There is nothing liberal about your oppressive ideology ... comrade.