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December 30, 2013

AT&T Court Date Just completed!

AT&T Court Date Just completed!
In Court, the Lawyer representing AT&T from Nadler and Associates (Birmingham) formally stated that I had in fact been drastically overcharged and that is why AT&T had lowered my bill from $460 on my subpoena to $37 (this after they hounded me with collection agencies for two years). The AT&T Lawyer said that they were no longer seeking $460 as they had filed for in their subpoena to me, but $37 for my calls plus (roughly) $130 in legal fees, a total of about $167.

The judge told me, based on evidence presented, that I should pay AT&T $18, in total billing and that I would not have to pay the Nadler legal fees, however, I would still have to pay $98 in court fees along with the $18 to AT&T. 

The judge said that I should have filed a 'counter claim' as part of this case (at no cost to me) so that she could consider damages to me for my time, and harassment from collection agencies hired by AT&T etc. Not being able to afford a Lawyer, sadly, I had not realized this was an option.

So now, I will file a civil suit against AT&T for time spent dealing with an issue they have formally admitted was their own fault for failing to give me proper information about their rates. This will cost me a $98 filing fee and lawyer fees.

I have never experienced such unfair business practices.

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