The Dixie Dove

May 1, 2012

That's how wars end!


That speech was better than Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith!

It was more than clear that he knew what was going on and he had a very comforting parental presence. His delineation of the facts on the ground was informative and sobering. We do have a commitment to the Afghanie people who have taken our word that we would support them in their efforts for human rights. They would be very vulnerable if we left them hanging on short order.

All things considered, President Obama layed a blueprint for ending this war. That would make TWO wars he's ended.

A little thanks please?

I am telling the Troops that the horizon for ending this war is speeding up. Because, that is how presidents talk. What is intimated today speeds up for tomorrow. That is his intention, I have no doubt. I bet that we find much more progressive talk from the Chicago meetings, which, I predict President Obama will be swayed by. Sure this is a strange snake dance!

That's how wars end!

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