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May 2, 2012

Angie's List Recommends Limbaugh!

UPDATE MAY 4- Since I made this post Angie's list has started smothering my page with ads! Ha on them, call them up, use Promo Code Rush and TELL THEM TO GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!
While almost every major advertiser on the Limbaugh show has dropped their support Angie's List has chosen to join the Limbaugh team. This is for real, no joke. Please join in with me in telling the Angie's management that this is a rotten 'recommendation' on their part. If Angie's recommends lies and hate-speech on the public airwaves then how can we trust their product and service reviews?

To Angie's List Management:
I am shocked and angry that your company (which I have recommended and taken recommendations from) supports (through advertisements) Rush Limbaugh an unabashed hatemonger. Limbaugh purposely flirts with sexism, racism and bigotry on a daily basis for his own gain. He preaches hate and draws gawkers and Angie's List should be ashamed to be a supporter of this tripe.
The Angie's FB is
Chip Shirley


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  2. Today from Limbaugh...
    "So, Jr. Seau killed himself because he was so depressed about not being a star and now Obama's support is shrinking and he's no longer the star he was, I'm not saying Obama will shoot himself, Seau had the concussion issue, don't know about Obama on that, but still interesting..."

    I don't know how Angie can sleep with this man on her payroll.