The Dixie Dove

August 19, 2010

Polling for Lies...
This is a funny shell game that polls play.
...When the hate for someone is high amongst a certain section of the population, you can poll them as to the likelihood of that person being 'bad' in some specific capacity and virtually 100% of that section of the population will say 'yes' to the question, even when they realize that they have had absolutely no information presented to them on the question at hand.
...As in the Obama religion poll...”Is he Muslim or Christian” (as he says he is). The real way to read that poll is that 20 % of those polled 'hate' the president and 46% of those polled 'love' the president and 34% of those polled are undecided about president Obama, but take his word on his religion.
...That's not bad.

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  1. Or...people balance what he says in some situations, what he says in other situations and how he acts in all situation and use deductive reasoning. But because this poll shines a less than perfect light on our exhalted leader, it must be all lies. You know, polls showing negative marks for Republicans? Those are accurate, right? I mean, it's a completely different story with negative Democrat polls.