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August 22, 2010


Ben Quayle's Hateful Ad' makes him Mr PotatoE Head!

BQ looks away in shame while viewing his ad' 
UPDATE: Tragic that Ben Quayle won his primary, but should help Jon Hulburd the D nominee! my take....
This was 23% of Republicans voting against Obama and for Civil War...and 77% of Republicans voting against that.
It's ludicrous that AZ has no runoff!
The Democrats are 100% behind their nominee Jon Hulburd (a good and reasonable man) and the Republicans are 77% embarrassed by their nominee...MR. POTATOE HEAD!
If you haven't seen Ben Quayle's hateful and ludicrous ad' that he's running in an effort to become the Republican nominee for US House in Arizona, then you might want to be sitting down when you do. He acts like a weasley version of Clint Eastwood and says the president is the worst in American history and threatens to 'knock some sense' into Washington DC.
...Ben's dad Dan was a somewhat loveable fool who was put in a bad spot by Bush Sr.s inferiority complex in picking him and the expression on President Reagan's face said it all when Bush informed him of the choice publicly on the tarmac as he greeted president Reagan. Reagan made a comical 'Ohhh Reeeealy' face that I'll never forget.
...But despite DQ's spelling error he was never fully hated or called Mr. PotatoE Head.
...His son is not cut from the same cloth
For Ben Quayle to say that the first Black president in the USA just happens to be the worst president in US history is a hateful evil hurtful lie and he needs to know how sad and angry it has made Black Americans especially.
...I know it is a lie because I know that anyone's reading of history will show that from FDR to JFK to Nixon to Carter every single US president of either party supported taxes double to triple what they are now for the rich and each president supported a social safety net (welfare state, as the right says) far greater than what we have today.
...What Ben Quayle said is pure race baiting bigotry and it is why I have made it my mission to tell the whole country that Ben Quayle is...
...............MR.POTATOE HEAD.


  1. odd, that ben quayle wasn't the first one to say how bad obama is... I believe Walter Williams was among the first.
    I'm not going to waste alot of time reading your blogspot thing here, frankly, you don't deserve it and i have a life. After this i get to leave your socialist blog behind and forget about you, you however, will always remember that I and ones like me are always laughing at you and always will. Not because you are intentionally funny though, kinda sad really.

  2. Incorrect Grammar:

    "I and ones like me"

    -Me and ones like me-

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  3. is that really the best you can do? Also couldn't one say that there was success despite the high rate of taxation during the 50's and 60's? Also, there seems to be a recurring housing bubble, ever think about why?
    On a side note, quayle is pretty pathetic.

  4. Mr. A,

    Honestly, there is no comparison with the 'before' and 'after' of the FDR higher taxes and social safety net.

    Before FDR with our upper rate barely 20% America was literally dying. It was our economic weakness and growing poverty that led the hungry wolves, Hitler, Tojo, Musollini, to try to take over the whole world!

    Then in return, with the liberal economic policies put in place by FDR we never stopped growing and accomplishing great things with little to no debt...until 1980.