Says it all...

Says it all...
The Dixie Dove

December 1, 2015

The vast usage of OIL is directly responsible for Climate Change The vast usage of OIL is directly responsible for Middle Eastern Terrorism

Oil as a primary energy source is the prime contributor to Global Warming and it is the prime funding mechanism for Middle Eastern Terrorism and the Brutal Monarchies and Dictatorships there. These Monarchies and Dictatorships are also a prime reason that citizens of Arab States are so jaded as to consider Terrorists as a valid governing alternative.

New sources of energy can solve all of these problems.

November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

We all have a lot to be thankful for and if we can all learn to respect each other, we will be 'Knock knock knockin' on Heaven's door!
Everyone reading this post has experienced an actual Miracle, and I mean 'miracle' by the scientific definition, which is, that Science can't explain it...
"A miracle is an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws."
The birth of the Universe is described by Science as 'from nothing, everything'. And the definition of Life is 'From dirt to Life' essence these definitions are true.
For all the amazing technology that allows me to post this statement on the internet, Human-kind is still incapable of simply deconstructing a little Apple seed and rebuilding one so it will spring to life and grow....
The Universe is a miracle and Life is another, who knows how many more are to come....
Love, Peace and Happiness.



Talk About the Syrian Refugees!

If you want to find some people who will thank you for safe harbor and take a check to go fight the Hitlarians, you are talking about SYRIAN REFUGEES!

November 24, 2015

Austin Tabby-

I'm in a Luxury rental Condo in Austin on a quiet Sunday night (one hour ago, 'two days ago') stoned and numb and staring at the TV which is not turned on.
I look to my right and a Cat is staring at me 16 inches away on the couch I'm sitting on. I had no idea there was any person or Cat here or even in the yard or neighborhood. This shit can scare a guy.
So I screamed.
The big Tabby ran out the left open sliding glass doors. As I took a
DEEP BREATH and slowly my mind snapped back into 'Cat Mode'
and I realized, 'party cat' social animal.
So I invited her/him back in and we had an hour of fun and feeding as kitty explored the whole house like a Real Estate Agent, before I said 'You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here" and Booted Kitty and closed the door.
Thanks Austin Tabby!


I have been so livid with rage at this person that I have only spat out his name when I have to. So I hereby name his new Ilk HitlerAmists and they are...

IF You Torture yourself to read these writings you will stand up and fight against HitlerAmists...

November 23, 2015


Men who are fleeing ISIS will be the best possible Warriors we can find to FIGHT ISIS

November 16, 2015



Poor people, Rich people, Muslims of all denominations hate and fight and leave their territory.

All they have going for themselves is selfishness and hate propelled by money and the looseness of modern technology.

The World is against ISIS and so are their citizenry. They are Mafia Thugs.

Governor Abbott has No Authority to stop individual citizens and churches from accepting refugees into our homes and churches in Texas.

The refugees are refuting ISIS by leaving. If they stay they will be enslaved and blackmailed into being suicide bombers with threats to harm their children. If we help them they will be the best fighters against ISIS.

November 14, 2015


It's all about the Oil, we support fascist monarchies with our oil addiction and that allows for the oil funding of 'more formal' terrorists like the ones who attacked Paris.

November 5, 2015 Bigotry

I have fought against Southern bigotry my entire life and I am sick to death of the Salon bigotry of referring to 'the South' synonymously with hatred and racism.
The South is inhabited by 80% of all the African American people in the US, almost all of them are Democrats. The cities in 'The South' are as liberal and Democratic as northern cities. And Mr. New York, Donald Trump is by far the most hateful selfish bigoted liar of the entire Republican presidential field.
Salon, get your elitist nose out of the air and give some press to the many good Democratic politicians and people who could use some support and are tired of being lumped in with our opposites.

October 28, 2015

Star Wars-The Light Sabre is Silly

It's no more dangerous than a sword, not nearly as threatening as a pistol (it only reaches out 4 feet).

Star Wars and it's iconic Light Sabre are a Farce of modern culture. Not Science, barely Fiction, more Soap Opera than anything.

But, we are bored with an infinite universe we can't comprehend, much less deal with, so we dither on.

Star Wars, We Dither On.

October 1, 2015

The Tragedy

"This is the only time I'll ever be in the news. I'm so insignificant," reads an apparent post by the would-be Oregon gunman.-
Our values are cynical and selfish and every news outlet that mentions the names of sad crazy killers are complicit in their tragic acts...News outlets make money on evil and are therefore, themselves...

September 30, 2015

Black Majority in Mississippi

African Americans now makeup 37 percent of the Miss Population. That's the highest in the USA for any state and they are surrounded by many states with similar demographics.

Liberals who are fed up with the 'Conservative South' could stage a migration strategy to gain control of the political structure of the State of Mississippi.

September 11, 2015

Shot Down in Vicksburg

I had to stop, I had just seen the Red Badge of Courage and my father James/Jim Shirley had told me I should, so I did and it moved me. I spent 2 hours at the battlefield and through the sadness found a little gift. The only family home still standing in the Civil War Memorial.;;

September 9, 2015

My Parents Were Born On TV

Born as a couple, so to speak...on The Screen! ACTUALLY MARRIED ON CAMERA!

The Network TV Show was called Bride and Groom.

My mother June sent the show a letter describing the young engaged couple.

As I understand it, she presented my dad Jim and herself, honestly as a happy Southern couple. He was a Football Player at Clemson, She a Southern Belle. [Well played, Momma-June].

They were invited to come to NYC and be on the Bride and Groom network television show. And they did, and they took a good bit of family up on the show's bill. Anyway, it's pretty cool and I have no doubt that somehow this made me love the screen....
Here is a link to a site about the show and a great picture of my Momma and Daddy, June and Jim...

September 7, 2015

Turn off your Computer and TV for 1 Day

Urban versus Rural not North versus South-

I've noticed over decades of living in about 40 places around the USA that the real social and political differences are between Urban and Rural, much more-so than North South East West. Atlanta and Seattle are Liberal, but the rural northwest has pockets of hardcore white supremacists worse than rural GA. Texas is far-right as a state, but Austin is as Liberal as NYC. South Carolina is big-time conservative, but Greenville is way more Liberal than San Diego CA...If you look at the electoral map you see that Urban is Blue and Rural is Red all across the USA.