Says it all...

Says it all...
The Dixie Dove

February 10, 2016

New Hampshire-What Goes Around Comes Around

As a 60 year old, lifelong Southern Liberal (I call myself The Dixie Dove) I am dumbstruck by the state of the presidential race today. For thirty years I have tried to raise public awareness of our taxation history in the US and the great things we afforded from 1940-80 with tax rates on the most wealthy at double to triple today's rates. I was thrilled that president Obama opened up the conversation on this subject and talked about 'spreading the wealth', but very disappointed that public opinion has not been greatly swayed. 

The state of today's presidential race leaves me dumbstruck and cautiously optimistic.

On the one hand, Bernie Sanders is voicing my opinion on the tax rate issue perfectly and being successful with it! On the other hand, even Donald Trump seems relatively progressive (by today's standards) on the tax issue and they both agree with me completely on the trade issue and the need to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US. 

I was a volunteer for Senator Tom Harkin in the New Hampshire primary in 1992 and I still remember vividly the night of the Democratic debate on WMUR in Manchester. The Harkin volunteers had gathered in a bar down the street from the station. Having just cheered and booed the various candidates as they arrived at the debate, we sat with our beers and pizza to watch the televised debate, eagerly anticipating seeing our man Harkin. Tom had won his home state Iowa Caucus, but received anemic press for the 'homer' win. Behind in the polls, we knew Harkin needed a great debate performance.

Then came THE QUESTION. Harkin was asked about 'free trade' and China. Harkin said, in essence, 'I will never sign legislation giving away American jobs and our manufacturing base to a totalitarian regime. That would be like re-inventing slavery by having our goods produced by people whose government does not value human rights or the environment!'.  Home run, we thought, because Clinton was a well known 'free trader'. But when Bill was asked the same question he started his response with 'Tom, I agree with you 100%' and proceeded to co-opt the issue.

I was enraged and I turned to one of the Harkin paid operatives sitting next to me and I said 'Clinton's done, he's lying, he can't do that!' The Harkin staffer said, 'No, he just won the election'. Bill became the 'comeback kid' with a 2nd place finish, Harkin came in 4th and the rest is history. Clinton won it all and did indeed sign legislation (written by Republicans in congress) to, in effect, hand China the keys to the US manufacturing base.

While I have far more respect for Hillary than Bill Clinton, it is an amazing irony to see this political powerhouse couple crushed in New Hampshire by a candidate who sounds a whole lot like Tom Harkin did, lo those many years ago. And to see a Republican nominee also crush his opponents with the same message.

As I said, I am dumbstruck.

So, I was Wrong! Sue me!

February 7, 2016

Trump Blows NH Debate-Eminent Domain means Imminent Loss in NH

Trump made a HUUUUUGE strategic error in the NH Debate Saturday Night!

Any smart business person or politician knows you have to always put your best foot forward. If you're selling a car that doesn't go fast then you talk about the great gas mileage it gets. If you say you're for Eminent Domain in a debate and the crowd boos then you 'should' take a step back and say 'but only when absolutely necessary' or something like that. But when Trump got booed Trump got mad at the audience and doubled down and the boos got louder and (for me and his opponents) it was a beautiful thing!

I have a feeling that Trump just built a 'Great big beautiful Wall' between himself and victory in New Hampshire!

February 6, 2016

Trump Running Away from Megyn Kelly is the best thing that has happened this year so far.


February 3, 2016

Trump PostMortem

Not to not brag, but I was saying Trump had lost Iowa as soon as the Iowa debate finished with Trump a 'no-show'.

There is no worse move he could have made. Even if he had gone to the debate and cursed out Megyn Kelly (even if he had used rude and foul language to react to any questions she posed that he disliked) Trump would have still fared much better for showing up.
How can 'the toughest candidate on the stage' skip a debate because a 'beautiful smart woman from FOX News' is asking him 'unfair questions'.
That was the moment that the bully was shown to be a coward. A coward who turned his back on Iowans rather than face the challenge of a challenging interview.
This was the same kind of crash that Howard Dean experienced in Iowa, but it wasn't Dean's Scream that did him in. Many forget that one week before the IA Caucuses a tape came out of Howard Dean being interviewed on a Canadian TV show and he said, roughly this...
-'The Iowa Caucuses are a joke. They represent a very small number of people and the caucus voting system is eccentric and the state is simply not reflective of the nation as a whole'.-

A week or so later when the voting occurred Dean had dropped from a commanding 1st place lead in the polls, to 3rd place in reality. That is when Dean 'screamed' at his rally after the vote. Understandably. He realized he'd just lost the nomination.

I personally hope Trump's decline continues on, as Dean's did.

I'm a Liberal, but frankly I do not fear the Nixon-Like Ted Cruz as much as the amorphous Trump. I prefer the devil I know over the devil I don't. I know where I disagree and disagree with Ted Cruz, but with Trump, I have no idea what he will say and do next, because I know he will say anything and I fear he might do the same. Cruz is extreme, Trump is crazy.

[By the way, this is the only account I could find of Howard Dean's infamous interview on Canadian Television whereby he dissed the Iowa Caucus and thereby lost in Iowa. ]

February 2, 2016

Record Turnout and Stinging Defeat Prove Trump Motivates His Enemies More Than Supporters

The GOP Iowa turnout was 180k shattering the previous record of 120k and yet Trump under-performed losing by three points more than the margin of error in the latest pre-caucus polls.

February 1, 2016

Cruz and Rubio Beat Trump 3rd Place!



January 31, 2016

Donald Trump Will Lose Iowa Tomorrow

His supporters will argue fuss and fight in the Iowa caucuses and not vote enough to let him win.

Rand Paul will likely win, if not Ted Cruz.

But Trump will react badly and show he has not the temperament to be a commander in chief of the world's greatest military force.

This will resound in New Hampshire and I expect a desperate 'the Donald' to faux pas his way to another loss in the Granite State.

At that point, all bets are off in South Carolina and a loss there would reduce Mr. Trump to the level of... The Apprentice.


January 26, 2016


Because Rush Limbaugh is so self confident and is on the national airwaves 15 hours a week for twenty or so years, sometimes he resorts to being frank and truthful to fill the time. For example, I've heard him address the Fairness Doctrine (which was an FCC law that was done away with in the Reagan administration). He clearly fears nothing more than such a rule being recreated. As 'Rush' has said many times, 'If we still had the Fairness Doctrine this show would not exist.' He goes on to explain that if his audience were presented with countering views (the heart of the FD) he could never have created the single-minded 'club' of like-thinking people that he (and other hosts like Sean Hannity) have.
Limbaugh and his fans think this is a very logical situation and that if 'Liberal' views and show hosts were of any interest to many people then they too would have highly rated shows. This thinking is based on the idea that unfettered free market capitalism inevitably leads to good and fair social outcomes. But I personally have experienced the flaw in this logic. I have contacted local several Fox radio affiliates and asked what level of sponsorship I would need to garner to earn a spot on their airwaves so as to air a Liberal-perspective radio show and their answer was 'We don't want that type of programming at any price.'
The fact is, that even if you offer corporate owners of Conservative broadcast networks Liberal programming ideas which indeed will earn them higher profits they will turn down that opportunity based on the idea that the Liberal programming will try to influence the listening audience to vote to RAISE THEIR TAXES.

January 23, 2016

How the Left Let the Right Win Minds

For over 20 years I've known that talk radio was brainwashing a lot of good, but poorly educated Americans with 'Pro-Wealthy' lies like 'Cutting taxes raises revenue for the government' and 'if you get to keep your tax money you will become rich and won't need government'. And it really angers me that liberal politicians and journalists would always dismiss my urgent pleas for them to address Limbaugh's lies by saying, 'no one with a brain listens to them stop wasting your time'. Finally in recent years thes right wing liars are being held accountable by the Left, but it's too late for a generation or more of Americans who have already been thoroughly brainwashed, Ayn Rand style.

When was the last time you heard a politician or pundit point out the facts listed in the paragraph below? The fact is that most Americans don't know these historical facts about the USA, taxes and economic history. Thank god Bernie Sanders is speaking some economic truths, but it is tragic that most Americans have to hear this for the first time in 2016 and then from an avowed Socialist. You don't have to be a Socialist to share-in the economic philosophy that made America great. I've been pushing the paragraph below for 15 years!

From 1930-80 the wealthiest Americans paid between 70% to 90% federal income tax and that's what allowed us to build the American Dream. How else could we afford it? Between 1930-80 we fought and paid for WWII, the Korean War and Vietnam War, we built our entire US Interstate Expressway System, Roads, Electrical Grid, Telephone, our main Bridges and Tunnels-We Made every Car we Drove and we wore just the Clothes we Sewed and WE WENT TO THE MOON SIX TIMES-AND WE PAID FOR IT ALL!

January 18, 2016

A Walk With MLK-My proudest day.

One bright morning when I was a 12 year old boy living in Sandy Springs GA, my mother June announced to my younger brother and sister and me that we weren't going to school that day. She told us to dress nice and get in the car. We only found out as we were leaving the house that we were going to march in Martin Luther King's funeral procession. It was a short quiet drive. I don't care for crowds and I was worried that this was going to be a long hard sermon to listen to, but I knew we were doing the right thing. We had mostly grown up in the poorer parts of various southern towns and we were used to both colors of people sharing the streets, but this was an amazing feeling to be the only people of one color we saw in such a large crowd. I wasn't surprised at how warm and comfortable it felt. And I realized immediately what a good idea Momma had to come there. The entire walk and service seem like a beautiful, if melancholy dream. Never had we felt such an outpouring of peace and goodwill through such sadness. All of us have shared our memories over the years, many times. The whole event passed like a song, but midway through my younger brother, only 8, began fidgeting, being so short he was staring at people's stomachs and bored. Then slowly and quietly, without a word, a tall strong man standing behind Steve reached down and picked him up over his head and gently placed him on his shoulders so he could see. Steve was quietly mesmerized and still says it was the most amazing experience he ever had to be lifted up over the crowd and to watch the whole panorama from his private box. It was a small piece of heaven on earth that the reverend brought to all of us there that day. My mother and sister and brother and I all agree that was all of our proudest day. Not for anything we've done to help with King's cause, but what we did for ourselves by being there. It changed us. It was a religious experience. When I see pictures of the good doctor and his statue on the mall, he is very real to me. He is still alive, I'm sure of it. And I wouldn't be at all surprised if he came back one bright morning.

January 16, 2016

Elton John Pays Tribute to David Bowie

Saturday night alright for fighting-Elton John


January 15, 2016

"When I become President, America will win at everything we do." -Donald Trump, Con Man- 1 /14/2016

It's funny, because it's true.

Now he's doing the 'Birther' thing on Cruz, but Trump still hasn't admitted President Obama is 'legit'.

December 28, 2015

December 24, 2015

Trump must be TRUMPED

We're going through some odd times here, right? RIGHT.
Trump is cranking our hatred of each other to new and sad proportions, in my opinion.
We can be at odds, in the USA, but does that mean we must decide to kill one another? In essence Trump is hinting at that. Am I wrong?
He jokes about killing journalists and seems to want to place all Muslims in the same category, AS EVIL, even thought 99% of them are peaceful, law abiding citizens.
I know that it is considered ridiculous (normally) to refer to HITLER in reference to anyone but Hitler, but I honestly and lovingly, in the name of Jesus Christ and George Washington, believe that Donald TRUMP is a New Hitler Among Us.
Republicans MUST pick a new Leader in the name and the inspiration of American Democracy.
I know it is attractive and EASY to follow a candidate who offers simple and BRUTAL solutions to all of our problems, but Trump is a kid who was a spoiled brat and inherited all of his wealth and power from a hard working father who DID NOT SHARE ANY OF HIS VIEWS, and he is not a person to put any faith with.
Trump must be TRUMPED.