Says it all...

Says it all...
The Dixie Dove

September 30, 2014

Liberal Secession

Liberal Secession

...The South is Richer and more Populous than the North.

Y'all do know that now don't you?

I'm trying to keep us together for the sake of the North South and World.

Seems like Abe Lincoln might have agreed with me.

I'm sure glad the F***ing Redneck Southerners aren't talking 'secession' as much as the Liberal Northerners.

We have all kind of xhit down here but throughout the state we live seeing a black face then a white face...we are TRULY integrated. 30% Black STATEWIDE, that means it's 50% 50% in most areas and whiter elsewhere. Northerners don't even relate to this. The South is the T R U E racial integration project on the whole planet earth. F A C T.

Almost 90% of all African Americans live in the south...and while the 2nd greatest ethnic migration in US history was Black people leaving the south after the Civil War, the #1 ethnic migration has occurred in recent decades when Black people began leaving uber racist NYC and LA and moving back to the south. NY state is 14% African American compared to Georgia's 30% African American population. I have a Black friend from Boston (Mass is 6% Black) who recently moved to North Carolina because as she said "When I visited relatives there the White people didn't look at me like I was a Martian!"  NYC, Boston and LA are far more racist than Atlanta. That is a fact.
Look at this population distribution map...

Chip Shirley

I didn't say any bodies 'loving it' down here, how's things where you are, are all y'all 'loving it'. As for the voting suppression, here in Georgia we are getting Sunday voting passed all over the place. We are fighting the power and fixing the problem, not quitting or running away.

September 26, 2014

President Obama is the greatest world leader in history.

President Obama has united the Arab World and Europe in the cause of fighting evil and bringing peace to the world. He is the greatest world leader in history.

September 23, 2014

We do the best we can, where we can, because WE ARE AMERICANS!

 This is a crime scene in the Middle East that affects Oil for the whole world. It's important that we weigh in on this. It's also about the best example of human rights violations one can imagine.
So, That Tracey, is why we are getting in here and not 'everywhere'.


Life is a round of Golf

You learn the rules,
You start your match,
You play your best,
You win or lose,
You go home
and practice...

September 22, 2014

September 19, 2014

Obama's steady hand has guided us well in the Middle East.

This Washington Post article represents the dumbest analysis of international relations I have ever read.
"The United States has made the same mistake in evaluating fighters from the Islamic State that it did in Vietnam — underestimating the enemy’s will, according to James Clapper, the director of national intelligence."
Saving South Vietnam was a hopeless cause and we put infinitely too much effort into it. There should have been no 'war' in Vietnam for the US. And our only mistake in Iraq was going there in the first place. Having done that, leaving as gingerly and honorably as possible is our best overall strategy. it was brilliant strategy on the part of president Obama not to keep US forces there indefinitely because it showed the world that we were no longer the evil occupying power the Bush administration had made us. Therefore, when the inevitable challenges came to the region (all caused by the vacuum we created by killing S Hussein) the whole world is now willing to join with us again, as they did in Afghanistan. President Obama has regained respect for the USA in the eyes of the world and our renewed coalitions give hope for a better future.

September 17, 2014


I don't care what they call themselves, ISIL is not Islamic, it's not religious, they aren't revolutionaries or freedom fighters, they are plain old everyday thugs. Think the mob, drug cartels etc.

They are stinking hateful selfish lying murdering sexist racist pigs who are out for themselves and no one else. The civilized world must unite to stop them and the CIA and global security organizations should be given free reign into the financial records of the gulf states whose wealthy spoiled extended family members of various monarchs are funding them.

Some people say 'they're Islamic, it's in their name...right and the KKK call themselves Christians!
S A M E  A S...

September 15, 2014

Bad Sounds

People opening and closing cars with a beeping sound,
leaf blowers,
people on their phones in public,
Dogs barking, horns honking, car alarms going off,
These are bad sounds. Stop making them, please.

September 11, 2014

On 9-11, Can We All Agree On This...?

9-11 Not the Worst Day in US History

 The day we attacked Iraq is the worst day in US history!

She cried even more when our foolish leaders attacked Iraq!

September 10, 2014

Why Does Fox News Hate America?

President Obama announced a new military build-up and offensive strategy against ISIL tonight.
But Bret Baier and Brit Hume STILL FIND WAYS TO HATE HIM.

September 8, 2014

All Fundamentalist Religions Are Dumb

I believe that all religions have a true heart at their spring.

And I know that all religions have been bastardized and distorted by the selfish preferences of various world leaders over time. Therefore.

Any religious view that endeavors to adhere to the root writings of their doctrine without filtering it through the depth of knowledge humanity has acquired since the inceptions of these religions, they doom their religion to backwards selfish and hateful ways society fought against and need to put behind us.

Therefore, all fundamentalist religions hurt the truth of the faith they represent, not evil, but frighteningly dumb.

September 6, 2014

"Hell on Wings"

"Hell on Wings"
I saw a BIG hawk fly down into an Oak Tree by the Georgia Center on my way home today and a chef and 3 waiters were smoking under the tree. We all looked up at the giant bird and I said "Hell on Wings" and they laughed with me....nice.
The bird was scary big.

September 4, 2014

Joan Rivers, Only Woman host of the Tonight Show

I remember her shows when she stood in for Johnny during his summer vacations. That was THE ONLY late night talk show that existed at the time.

Joan Rivers was THE BIGGEST thing in the fight for Women's Rights during those shows for over a year as Carson's permanent guest host. She was THE WO MAN and did as good OR BETTER than Carson...No one else has since.

Good night Joan, God bless....


September 3, 2014

US Iraq War Led to ISIL

In his column in the New York Times today 'Ready, Aim, Fire. Not, Ready, Fire, Aim', writer Thomas Friedman makes a very important point about the need for President Obama to move with a steady and informed hand on this issue and not succumb to the logic of the likes of Rep. Mike Rogers, -"the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told “Fox News Sunday” that “this ‘don’t-do-stupid-stuff’ policy isn’t working.”- writes Friedman.

And correctly Friedman points out that that flawed logic led to the disaster of the 'stupid' war with Iraq started by the unbelievably stupid George W Bush administration. But here Friedman weaves off line. He believes that the impetus for the problem at hand is the rise of Shiite Iran in the face of weakened Sunni leadership in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not true.

Iran doesn't have a damned thing to do with ISIL except in that they could be of great help to us in combating them. It was the Sunni power vacuum created by the US deposing Saddam Hussein that led to the rise of ISIL. Hussein was a brutal monarch who kept the 'Sunni street' satisfied and he tamped down on would be Sunni challengers to his throne (the likes of ISIL) with an iron fist that was far more informed of this enemy than we can hope to be today.

ISIL will be destroyed, evil will not prosper and history should read that it was the likes of Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and 'the Decider' that caused this mountain of sad unnecessary hell.

August 27, 2014

China and Russia 'Go to Hell!'

The writing is clearly on the wall. The last two totalitarian super-powers on earth (China and Russia) are teaming up and setting the stage for what they think will be a global conflict that leaves them on top of Western powers and their allies, militarily and economically.
They think they want World War...they are wrong.

For the US biggest trade partner, China, to sign a $400 billion dollar gas deal with Russia at this point in time is practically a declaration of war. Russia is trouncing international law in the Ukraine and China is doing likewise by planting an oil rig in Vietnam's territorial waters and building on the islands whose ownership is disputed by Japan. And both nations encourage North Korean aggression by their silence on it.

WWIII will be a Trade War-

Democratic nations have created totalitarian monsters by enriching China and Russia through global trade deals without requiring them to improve their human rights standards or to democratize. By doing business with China and Russia, Democratic nations have re-invented slavery, we have sold our souls to the devil and now the devil wants his due.

The world is in for war, but China and Russia are in for a shock. They may make successful land grabs here and there, but they will awaken the sleeping giant of Democratic Pride. The free nations of the world will isolate boycott these ancient prison states and we will re-build the manufacturing bases we foolishly sold to them and the devil. This is the beginning of the end for Russia and China.

August 22, 2014




August 20, 2014

Statue of Limbaugh in Missouri state capitol

While he's not exactly from Ferguson, Rush Limbaugh was born and grew up only 127 miles away in Cape Girardeau Missouri. The fact that the most famous and successful bigot in the USA is from the vicinity of Ferguson doesn't necessarily say anything about the culture of the region, but something else does. There is a statue of Limbaugh in the Missouri state capitol [See below]. Limbaugh is perhaps the most divisive and hateful person in all of media and by law he is honored with a statue in the state capitol of Missouri. That doesn't mean all white Missourians are bigots and racists, it just means that a majority of the state's legislature are, and proud of it!
March 05, 2012

Jake Wagman St. Louis Post Dispatch-

ST. LOUIS • Radio commentator Rush Limbaugh, at the center of a storm of criticism for derogatory remarks directed at a young law school student, is set to be honored by the Missouri Legislature with a statue at the state Capitol.
House Speaker Steven Tilley, R-Perryville, confirmed Monday that Limbaugh, who, like Tilley, hails from southeast Missouri, will be honored with a place in the Hall of Famous Missourians, a circle of busts in the Capitol rotunda recognizing prominent Missouri citizens.

August 19, 2014

Police Rules Say Cop Should Call for Back-Up Before Approaching

The cop should have gotten back-up before going after a giant man who was already disobeying him. The officer knew there would be a physical altercation when he approached Brown. Police are paid to avoid having to shoot people, even criminals, not to look for opportunities. A policeman who starts to approach someone based on a small crime like 'disorderly' for being in the street, or even shoplifting...that policeman is deemed to have grossly mishandled the situation if it ends in his shooting an unarmed perp.. F A C T...

Racist Missouri Legislature Honors Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh is from Missouri and last year he was honored by the state legislature at the capitol. That really says it all. Rush Limbaugh is as much of a blatant bigot as ever walked the earth. He oozes hatred toward Black people constantly. If the Missouri state government honors him they endorse racism.
Read about it here...
-ST. LOUIS • Radio commentator Rush Limbaugh, at the center of a storm of criticism for derogatory remarks directed at a young law school student, is set to be honored by the Missouri Legislature with a statue at the state Capitol.-