Says it all...

Says it all...
The Dixie Dove

December 19, 2014

Cuba Makes Obama A Great President

There is no overstating the impact this deal will have on the entire American continent. And the USA's global relationships.
From the leader of Brazil...
“We never thought we would see this moment,” said Brazil’s president, Dilma Rousseff, a former Marxist guerrilla who chided the Obama administration last year over the National Security Agency’s surveillance of her and her top aides. She called the deal with Cuba “a moment which marks a change in civilization.”-New York Times-

This will go in the history books with the name Barack Obama beside it.

He is a Great President.

South American Leaders Thrilled by US Cuba Move-NYT

December 17, 2014

This is History! Obama Unites the Americas


Chuck Todd and I Predicted Cuba Normalization on Twitter a Year Ago

RIGHT TO THE MONTH! is the exchange...


Cuba Embargo to End Soon?

I predict that the USA and Cuba will normalize relations before the end of the Obama administration. I have been predicting this since president Obama was re-elected and in a public exchange on Twitter with Chuck Todd, host of Meet the Press, Todd agreed with me that we would likely see motion on this after the election and possibly before Christmas.

Today brings the motion we've been waiting for. Cuba has released American prisoner Alan Gross and president Obama is scheduled to have a press conference pertaining to that and our relations with Cuba today. According to USA Today, press secretary Josh Ernest has stated "We remain deeply concerned for Alan's health, and reiterate our call for his release -- the Cuban government's release of Alan on humanitarian grounds would remove an impediment to more constructive relations between the United States and Cuba."

December 16, 2014

The History of the World

From the dawn of humanity and the first inkling of society, from the first written word and well before, we have always been ruled by tyrants. The strongest, the most popular, the luckiest have always ruled us and they always will. But the masses move the tyrants like the earth moves the continents, slowly but surely, and they always will.

We fight for the right not to fight. We the masses can do this without fighting, or with. We have a choice.

The old folk song 'This Land is Your Land This Land is My Land' applies to the whole planet earth and all the peoples on it. And our technological advancements demand that we adhere to that rule in order not to destroy ourselves.

If designed and governed from afar, life on earth could be a sweet and beautiful thing, but today our old grudges and debts seem to make that an impossibility.

It's a shame.

Over-Policing Began With Drug War

Born in 1955 in South Carolina as I grew up, folks I knew and I, saw the police as 'good guys' and the level of violence even in the poorest neighborhoods of any racial make-up was nil compared to today. Despite the lingering segregation and civil rights issues of the day life in America was more peaceful fewer guns and about one fifth as many Americans in jail (per capita) as today.

Then (I can see clearly in retrospect) the Vietnam War protests and open use of marijuana by protestors scared the living shit out the 'authorities' in America from dog-catcher to the president of the USA. Suddenly the powers that be linked war protests with communism and revolution and that with drugs and so began the 'War On Drugs'. Suddenly, millions of random acts of inebriation using pot or cocaine became jail-able offenses whereas before they would have called for just a slap on the wrist by authorities and only that when done publicly.

This began our society's spiral downward into the hateful chaos we see today. More drug arrests led to more funding of investigations led to more incarcerations more prisons more money money money into the drug war. Now the police are no longer loved and respected, but hated and feared. They are no longer peace-keepers but storm troopers who see the general public as the enemy. After-all it is well known that a very high percentage of Americans do use some illegal drug or drink illegally.

Today, to the police, we, Americans are the enemy.

December 12, 2014


if you can't play basketball then you're not really nothing at all
if you can't sing or get a degree then I hope you aren't beneath me
life's too hard compared to what it should be,
give me a job or take care of me and my family!!

The whole point of this song is just to say hey can't we just get along.....

There've  been a lot of wrongs and too few rights
so that's what we're taking up here tonight,
If you think you have something to say then stand up!
and y'all get out of the way.


There's nothing you can do in a song, but say society
can right these wrongs.


December 11, 2014

Obama Administration Leads Torture Revelations

As we as a nation begin wading through the tragic evidence of how the George W Bush administration led our nation morally astray in the aftermath of 9-11 and we begin to face the fact that we did let the terrorists win by adopting their evil tactics ourselves it is worth noting and very important to keep in mind that President Obama ran for office and was elected largely by promising to stop such evil acts by the USA and promising a thorough investigation. Thank God President Obama has fulfilled his promise.

December 10, 2014

World Court Should Prosecute USA Torture Cases

The International Court of Justice or the United Nations should consider prosecuting this case using the evidence that the USA is willingly providing. It is impossible in a democratic country like the USA, to have one administration prosecuting the previous. The entire system would freeze up with angst and charges and counter charges...our system would implode.

But the world court and UN can do this. Just as prosecuting Nazi war crimes internationally rather than putting the onus entirely on Germany to police its self, so should be the case here. And while these cases of government sanctioned torture are vile and evil, thank God we live in a nation capable of electing leaders who renounce such things, investigate them and admit guilt. We are BEGGING the world to hold us accountable.

December 5, 2014


I'm a Southern White Populist Liberal and I can tell you for sure Democrats that, as I agree with your economics 100%, I also know your take on 'why' people dislike government is only partially correct, here's why. Virtually 100% of the misguided people who voted Republican in the last election hate government because they think it is the enemy of 'them getting rich'. They have been brainwashed into thinking that government is only for the lazy and that it attacks the wealthy and impedes the common citizen from becoming wealthy. If we don't find a way to reach them on the Fox AM airwaves where Limbaugh and Hannity have their minds imprisoned we are doomed!
If I had a chance on the radio I could reach them in a way that you and Ed Schultz can't. We need a new Huey Long and I can be that. AND I CAN TALK SPORTS AS WELL AS ANYBODY (JUST A CAVEAT ;)
Chip Shirley, 'The Dixie Dove'.

Dear Bill Cosby

 I just want to say that in my opinion all of us men (and some women) need a lot of 'civilizing' in terms of controlling our sexual and violent urges; and women, or any victim of sexual violence are often a savior to us and society in that respect. I'm guilty of sexual wrong doings. As a young man (but in my 20s) I gave in to bad urges to inappropriately touch or 'speak sexually' to women I didn't even know. I am very very thankful that in one such incident (30 years ago) in an Atlanta department store, where I made an inappropriate comment to a young woman, that she immediately went outside and found a policeman and 'told on me'. It was the first time I'd ever been reported to an authority for this rotten behavior I'd occasionally exhibited since 8th grade.  I'll never forget the moment I left that store and a tall big AfrAmerican Policeman walked up to me and told me about the woman's complaint and calmly, but sternly lectured me about how wrong my lewd remark had been and how much trouble I could face if I continued that behavior. It was an epiphany for me...a light bulb really went off in my head. For a year or more after that I gave thanks every night in my prayers for the woman who had spoken out against me and for the fact that I had heard and learned from a strong authority before I might have done something worse to an innocent woman and also ruined my life in the process. It's been 30 years since that fateful moment and I have never, at all, exhibited such wrong behavior since. I had been a rude sleazy dog on a few occasions from Jr. High to that moment, but never since.
No victim of any crime deserves blame, but the fact is that even victims of crimes are morally obligated to speak out against them for their own good and the good of society. The woman who reported me saved other women from my potential future heinous actions and saved me from the consequences of continuing on that way. Maybe it's Karma, but a few years ago I found myself in a situation where a giant pit-bull mix dog belonging to a new neighbor escaped containment and cornered me in my own back yard. It wanted to kill me and could have. After that I took measures to protect myself from the animal, but I felt obligated to report the incident (and a few more) to city officials, mostly out of worry about what this dog might do to an unsuspecting child or jogger in the neighborhood. I was ridiculed and harassed by the dogs owners and city officials, but I eventually convinced them that the dog had to be moved to a more controlled safer environment. I took a lot of grief and it took a long time, but I'm sure that action on my part saved a tragedy of some kind. Just as the woman who had reported me saved a future victim and me from my ugly urges.
I guess what I'm saying is that we as a society are in this together and while no woman or man deserves bad treatment from each other, we are all obligated to speak out against crimes when they occur. If you did indeed do some terrible things to some women, it is still the case that it would have been better for them and future victims and for you, if they had spoken out at the time. And it is not right for people to put others in danger out of convenient silence and then pile up the debts of a lifetime and dump them out to the public years after a time when they could have made a real difference for all involved.
God bless us all and I pray that we learn from our tragic mistakes.

December 4, 2014

Policing Versus Executing Eric Garner

The job of the police is first and foremost to 'keep the peace'. This often means confronting and detaining criminals who resist arrest, but in a safe and non-violent manner if possible. What we are seeing more and more in America is not 'policing' but 'executing'. Rather than seeing themselves as 'peacekeepers' officers are acting as judge jury and executioner and the fact that the person being detained is guilty of a crime in no way justifies sloppy policing that leads to their unnecessary execution. And it is a CRIME to accidentally KILL someone...Negligent Homicide!
30 years ago my wife was arrested and jailed because we didn't have the $25 on hand for a stop sign violation she got at 3AM. I went into a blue-faced rage against the police. If I were Black and it happened today I doubt I'd be writing about it now.
I think that decades of the insane drug war have driven cops crazy. And too, the Republican tax cuts on the rich have left police terribly underpaid and under trained and with bad morale.

November 26, 2014

Wilson Broke Police Protocol!

Wilson broke police protocol when he left his car to chase without support FACT
Here I detail exactly what Officer Wilson did wrong and discuss increased police aggression since the start of the Drug War...
I've worked as a bouncer and had to call the police to help me boot violent drunks. At any time I could have confronted the drunk, alone, with a gun, knowing he would 'drunkenly' attack me. By this 'Wilson standard' I could have 'legally' killed a few people, but that was never necessary. Same here.People are safely arrested while resisting arrest ALL THE TIME. Look at the last two nights in Ferguson...HUNDREDS OF ARRESTS no fatalities...that's because THE TV CAMERAS ARE ON! If Wilson was on video he would have stayed in his car and waited for backup. FACT
The Dixie Dove Radio Show-FERGUSON

November 25, 2014

Riots Prove Darren Wilson Guilty

The 'Shoot First' mentality does not work! That is not 'policing' it is 'executing'.

The job of the police is to 'keep the peace' and that often means apprehending people who are resisting being apprehended in a way that does not lead to violence or death.

Last night thousands of angry people rioted and looted and as ugly as it was no one was killed. Not a rioter or a police person. That is because the police were prepared and had the right strategy and did not directly confront looters in close quarters which would have led them to use lethal force.

If Darren Wilson had been a good policeman he would not have confronted an angry young criminal twice his size alone. Wilson should have called for back- up and ended at worst tazing Michael Brown. If there had been a camera on Darren Wilson (as there were on the police during the riots) he would not have ended up killing Michael Brown. He would have waited for re-enforcement and apprehended the unarmed teen alive.

Fact. Wilson should face trial for his horribly aggressive and stupid policing that night versus Michael Brown. Hundreds of police showed proper control and technique while facing thousands of angry law breaking rioters last night. If Darren Wilson had shown the same professionalism Michael Brown would be alive today and the riots would not have happened.

Any one of the thousand police on the streets last night could have cornered a dozen looters who would not have surrendered and ended up shooting them 'in self defense' so to speak. But that would have been horrible and in fact illegal policing. Fact...

November 24, 2014

Hey, let's have Black Cops in Black Neighborhoods!

Rush Limbaugh Caused Ferguson

By order of the Missouri State Legislature a statue of Rush Limbaugh resides in the Missouri State Capitol House for public viewing. Limbaugh's whole family are one of the most reknowned and successful families in the state.

Rush Limbaugh has preached and 'justified' racism and hate for 20 years on America's airwaves 15 hours a week coast to coast.

The Missouri police forces are almost 100% white even in almost 100% black neighborhoods.

Missouri KKK-The Shoot First Mentality Does Not Work That is not 'policing' it is executing.


The Shoot First Mentality Does Not Work That is not 'policing' it is executing.

The Shoot First Mentality Does Not Work That is not 'policing' it is executing.