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May 22, 2017

Western Nations Must Leave the Middle East

Western nations have occupied, colonized, enslaved, tortured and ripped off the people of the Middle East for centuries and even when the West backed off of slavery and colonization we then backed the disgusting monarchs in Saudi Arabia and created the totalitarian nightmare that is fascist Israel. Now (thanks to western technology) that saw is broken and the angriest of the middle easterners are giving us a taste of our own medicine.

Yes cry for the dead from 9-11 and all the way up to the tragedy tonight at the Ariana Grande concert. They are the good and the innocent who have paid the price for the rich and the evil who support blood drenched leaders in Saudi Arabia and Israel and still profit from their horrors.

As the American Fuhrer spreads his bloody lucre in Saudi and Israel he only brings on more pain for the Western citizens he uses to gain power. Western nations must leave the Middle East in every way shape and form and let the vile leaders of Israel and Saudi Arabia fall.

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