The Dixie Dove

May 31, 2017

The Point of No Return

Since the dawn of the human race we have faced a deadline put in place by one basic formula. This formula posits that if various social factions remain in a state of violent conflict then at a certain point in the advancement of technology society will reach a state of mutually assured destruction or MAD.

I believe we have now achieved this state. I refer not only to the MAD of global nuclear war, but also to all of the other forms of violence made possible by technological advancement; the purchase of weapons and bomb building technology etc. Communications technology is a tool for potential violence as much as is a bomb or a knife or a passenger jet.

Communications technology allows for financial fraud, the spread of disinformation and hate speech as well as being the key tool in violence created by non-state parties. Enraged or mentally ill individuals can use expanded communications abilities to track enemy targets and purchase weapons, learn to build bombs etc.

I'm afraid we are doomed. If the world wars of the 20th century didn't unite us, then what will?

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