The Dixie Dove

March 24, 2017


President Obama passed the ACA with zero Republican votes and with a far slimmer majority in Congress than Trump has. Yet Trump blames his loss on a 'lack of Democratic support in congress'.

SERIOUSLY-He said that.

Then Trump goes on to say that Obamacare will 'explode' whatever the hell that means, surely he meant 'implode' but, he's too stupid to articulate his own thoughts in the English language. Then 'president' Trump goes on to say that eventually Democrats will join with him and the Republicans to repeal and replace Obamacare...?

Really!? There were more than 30 Republican House members who refused to support Trump's Bill and Trump stopped the House of Representatives from even voting on it because the Republicans who were going to vote for the bill feared a vote FOR 'Trumpcare' would seal their doom in the 2018 elections!

I wonder which 30-40 Democratic House members Trump thinks he can work better with than Republicans?


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