The Dixie Dove

January 16, 2017

Trump was born in Hell, put in his mother's womb by Satan. Not a US Citizen.

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  1. You're an idiot. No wonder you're so easily influenced by propaganda.

    Do you not see the war on western civilization and Christianity/Judaism? The left has basically erased it in Europe and have brought in millions of muslims to install Islam in it's place.

    What is it that prevents you from seeing everything that's happening all around you?

    Whatever it is it's the same thing that prevents you from seeing how the democrat party has destroyed the black community. You think you're some kind of civil rights hero just like that John Lewis moron. He fought for civil rights 50 years ago but turned right around and joined the very people he was fighting and has done NOTHING for blacks since except enslave them to democrats.

    Wake the fuck up.