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January 30, 2017

FaceBook Jail

I threatened President Excrement on FaceBook (4 days ago) and FB "Blocked" me for 4 days They blocked me from Posting, or "Liking" a post or even sending a Private Message on FB to any of my FB "Friends". That's how they operate. If they deem a comment or post 'out of line' then, the next time you 'engage' with FB, a big BLOCKED message jumps onto your screen and you think you just got a VIRUS. The SCREEN tells you how long you are blocked for and it shows you a clock with the countdown time to when you are released from FB Jail! This is true, I am not at all joking or exaggerating. The 'virus screen' also shows you the specific comment which Facebook deems 'punishable'. My comment was something about 'chewing off Trumps face', clever huh ;).
But the real shit is that FB thinks it's ok to not even allow us to tell a friend, in a 'PRIVATE MESSAGE' that we are fine and we are simply blocked from FaceBook. ALL of my FB 'Friends' should have gotten the EXACT SAME MESSAGE I got during my 'block' when they posted on my page.......
-'Chip Shirley's Page is Blocked Due to a Post That Violates FaceBook Policy'- I had many people ask about my well being when I was 'Disappeared' from FaceBook. The truth is I agree with the reason I was blocked. I have apologized for that post and I don't want to see tha level of baseness allowed on FaceBook. But the way they handled it is a crock of shit.

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