The Dixie Dove

December 11, 2016

Will we Have to Vote Again?

I hate to raise expectations, but it's getting 'curioser and curioser' as they say...


  1. More fake news.

    You can tell it's fake because the guy says nothing specific and throws out "if". Pure fakery from fake media and reposted on a fake news website.

    You should be banned from the internet for spreading fake news.

    1. Yeah, me and every news source on earth except Breitbart and Alex Jones PERIOD

    2. If you spent five fucking minutes doing a little research ... or even engaging what brain you have left you'd see how you're being manipulated. But of course since your brain hasn't been used for years and you're a fucking communist why bother seeking the truth?

      "Hi! I'm Chip Shirley and I love reading fake news because it reinforces everything I think I believe"!