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December 30, 2016

Ask Trump to Veto Dog Genitalia Law!

Hidden in the 'Lame Duck' session of congress for 2016 is a bill with bi-partisan support to ban the public display of Dog Genitalia, nationwide. This law which has the support of Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell, as well as Nancy Pelosi would require all male dogs to wear diapers and or shorts when amongst the general public. This nightmare could be real except for one thing!

Because of the scheduling of congress and the docket, this Bill will be passed just as President Trump is inaugurated on Friday January 20th 2017! So he will be the president to sign or veto this evil law BUT, here's the kicker, because of an expected large vote for the Bill, President Trump must address this Bill within 48 hours of being sworn in to the presidency!

Please join with me in tweeting to Trump to focus on this important issue!
Before it's too late. . .

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