The Dixie Dove

November 9, 2016

Super-Ball Election

When I was in the 5th grade, 1965-
living in Marietta Georgia, I saved money from chores, raking and burning leaves etc. I had a Black Friend from the Black neighborhood adjacent to our neighborhood and me and him got quarters from my mother JUNE EDDINS SHIRLEY we took the change and bought cokes and candy at the store down the hill.
I wish I'd never left there. it was nice.

So ONCE I had the dough and I got Momma to take me to a strip mall store and buy a SUPERBALL
These 'Toy Black Balls' aren't available anymore. I was shocked.
I took the toy ball out of its wrapper and threw it down onto the asphalt parking lot and the ball bounced into the sky and disapeared into the kudzu surrounding the scene.

Seems a thought today

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